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Embrace Positivity with Bohemian Flair: A Guide to Inspiring a Positive Mindset

Your mind is more powerful than you think. While it does work hard for you it also has the power to control future outcomes. We tend to think some stuff is just a fluke, but you get what you put out, if you keep thinking negatively, you’re bound to get a negative result. If you think about all the great things that can happen then great, things will start happening! So today we’ll talk about how you can inspire a positive mindset so you can start living your best and most positive life!

So first, what does it mean to have a positive mindset? Most people think it means you’re happy all the time and even if the world ended tomorrow you’re happy about it. In some ways that’s true, but it’s also unrealistic. Having a positive mindset means you think of all the great things that can/will happen if you put something in place and not get discouraged when things don’t go right, instead you look on the brighter side of it.

So how do we get this mindset? What are some ways to influence this?


First, you have to become a happier person. You have to start doing things that put a smile on your face. For me, it’s self-care, my puppy, and nature. I go for walks, I play with my dog and I treat myself to something I like. I don’t focus on that one thing that brings me down and I don’t reach for anything that can cause me to sink deeper into my sadness I just do things that I enjoy and before you know it, I’m just a bit happier.

Next, go to your happy place, it doesn’t matter where it is just have one. My happy place is my home. I feel safe here, I’m secure, and I’m myself here. I’m lowkey an introvert although you wouldn’t know that if you met me in the streets but I like it quiet and when I’m home I can be quiet or loud but anyway just find your place where you can recharge and take off your mask and whoo-saaah and when you’re overwhelmed or triggered you can either go their physically or mentally in your mind and calm down.

Lastly, don’t engage in negativity. I know it’s hard with current events or just tea about someone that you’re interested in(good or bad). When you consistently engage with negativity, you become negative so you have to keep it limited and when you do go low cleanse yourself to raise your vibration back up. Remember negativity just brings negativity.

Now, don’t be blindly positive. Be realistic. If you put everything in place and maintain positive throughout the process, things will go well. Sometimes you might need to make changes to reach your goal and that’s ok. Remember. to remain positive and continue to work towards your big picture and not focus on the minor inconveniences and you’ll see what this mindset change can do for you!

I hope this finds you well, and in good graces, once I decided to make the change to a more positive mindset so many great things started happening, and I know it’ll work for you too! If you have suggestions let me know in the comments!

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