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What I Wish I Knew Before I Became Vegan

I became vegan for multiple reasons my health, my planet, and the animals. I know it might sound weird but I didn’t do it for the animals really. The pain they go through is horrendous and really there’s no point in the pain. I couldn’t call myself a lover of the planet if I treated the inhabitants poorly. My journey in veganism has been interesting and for any future vegans(or anyone) reading, I thought I’d let you some things I wish I knew before I went vegan.

It’s not an all or nothing thing, you can transition

When I first decided to become vegan it was after watching Dominion and that’s jarring. So I cut out everything but of course I was lost and had no idea what to make or how to go about it. After becoming more active in vegan communities I realized that’s not the best way to go about being vegan and having long-term results. It’s far better to ease into it (meatless Mondays, stuff like that) so it didn’t feel so restrictive.

All vegan food isn’t healthy in fact some are just as bad.

One of the downsides of veganism is when you find out there’s a vegan version of your favorite food you think it’s healthier but it can be just as fattening as before even though it’s made of plants. Vegan nachos, burgers, and pizza exist and they have just as many calories as their non-vegan version.

You don’t eat out as much

There’s not a lot of places that cater to vegans. I never paid attention to it before because I could eat everywhere. However, after becoming vegan I did get to try out a lot of new food places and different types of food that I do enjoy very much.

You’re probably wont loose weight unless your actively trying to

As stated in my last point vegan food can be just as bad for you as regular foods. So please don’t become vegan and think you’re going to lose weight and be super healthy because unless you’re cutting calories and moving more nothing is going to change.

The communities are mostly just about food.

I thought the vegan lifestyle was much more eco-friendly, all about saving the planet and loving animals. But from all the vegan-based groups I joined they really just talk about food and show you shocking slaughterhouse footage. Some are protective of the animals but most just show you pictures of vegan junk food and memes.

Overall I love being vegan even with its shortcomings. When I ate meat I would feel so sluggish and feel bloated all the time. Now that I’m vegan I feel so much better when I don’t eat meat and I know my life choices are fully in line with my beliefs so it’s so not worth it in my books. What about you? How do you feel about veganism?


  1. I am not vegan, mostly because I couldn’t find a good alternative to cheese… but I don’t eat meat. When I used to eat meat I’d feel guilty, even as a kid, I remember feeling that way. I even sometimes feel guilty for eating plants, because I know they are living, growing things 😭

    1. Cheese was definitely the hardest for me to get used too but gradually I was able to manage. It’s definitely a process 😅

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