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Preparing And Caring For Your Pendulum

Today I finally got my new pendulum and I’m so obsessed I got an Opal to represent passion to help and be an emotional stabilizer. It was also super pretty so you know I had to grab it. When choosing any spiritual tool you want to go largely based on your intuition not what they say you ‘should or shouldn’t get. Remember you’re the one

What is a Pendulum

A Pendulum is a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing back and forth. In the spiritual realm, we use them to bring subconscious energy into consciousness and give you answers to yes and no questions.

How Do You Prepare Your Pendulum

Depending on where you get them, you’ll need to get your pendulum in tune with your energy. In my opinion, getting any of your spiritual supplies from a mass-production store like 5 Below or Walmart taints them. Of course, if it’s all you can afford or that is available to you go for it, just make sure you cleanse them properly and charge them with your energy before use. You can use something simple like sage. I like to hold mine up while the smoke wraps around the pendulum. There are multiple ways to cleanse and charge your pendulum here are some options:

Fire: Sit the pendulum on a window seal or in a safe area under sunlight for a few hours for higher vibrations.

Earth: You can bury your pendulum under the earth or sea salt for a while to help absorb any negative energy that might carry over from the seller.

Water: Put the pendulum in a bowl of energized water and visualize the crystal being energized and love flowing through. Please be advised this isn’t for every pendulum if you have a pendulum that is a crystal you will want to make sure that it’s safe to use this method.

Air : You can use frankincense or sage to cleanse it as well.

How Do You Use Your Pendulum

First, make sure you’re calm and grounded. You don’t want to influence any false readings, so if you’ve just got out of an argument make maybe take a breather with some of our grounding practices and then come back and ask some questions to your pendulum.

Next, when it’s you’re first time using it make sure you get to know your pendulum and understand how it talks. Ask it to say yes, no, and maybe.

You can also get a mat that has yes no and maybe on it so your pendulum can show you the answer easier.

Try your best to keep your arm still, you can even set your arm down on something like a shelf so that way if you are a little shaky you won’t get the read wrong, and place your other hand underneath. It’s not uncommon for your pendulum to move in a circle or side to side that’s why it’s so important to find out how to communicate with your pendulum so you know what to expect from your pendulum.

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