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Maintain A Positive Atmosphere At Home

I absolutely love my home. It’s where I go to relax and unwind after a long day. I know it’s so cliche but, some people don’t like to go home. I’ve heard it so many times, they rather go out and, there’s nothing wrong with going out but, you have to be able to recharge yourself at home. A comfortable place where you feel welcomed and safe, that’s something that I’ve created in my home.

My home was often a place of great stress and unease at one point where my mind was constantly racing and I was in a state of panic. I became depressed and very anxious. While a peaceful home doesn’t cure depression or anxiety, it helps to have a place that doesn’t trigger those emotions. Today I will show you some of the practices that I do in my home and share how they can benefit you.

Be Careful Of Who You Let In Your Space.

Just like you, people carry different energies with them. Whether good or bad, they can bring them into your space and leave them there. If you or a friend needs to vent or cry try to leave it outside of the home so no energy gets trapped there. Try to cheer them up with a fun activity to take their mind off the event and have them over when they’re in a better mood.

Cleanse Before And After You Have Company

Sometimes it’s inevitable, your friend just needs a good night in with good vibes and you’re the one to do it. That’s fine have them over and let them cry, it’s not the end of the world just make sure you get the vibe right once they leave. Even if people come over in a good mood, you never know what anyone is really going through. Cleanse your space to ensure there are no negative vibes in the area that can zap your guest’s energy and turn a good night into a bad one, as well as making sure that no bad vibes are there after they leave.

Add Some Greenery

It’s no secret that plants make people happy. It’s been scientifically proven that being in nature surrounded by trees, flowers, and plants can help shift our moods. I absolutely love plants I would have my whole house filled if I could but the lighting here isn’t ideal for that. The few plants that I have are mostly in my bedroom and when I wake up in the morning it feels me up with great joy to see the sunlight peeking through my little urban garden.

Do Things That Make You Happy Or Relaxes You In Your Space

This seems like a no-brainer but more often than not we don’t do things that actually make us happy at home. You tend to just go home to eat, watch tv and sleep and that’s it you’re at home but not enjoying your spot. Play some good music, explore your creativity, and decorate it as you like so when you go home you associate it with joy.

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