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What Is The Zero Waste Lifestyle And How Do You Do It?

Is it just me or have you been curious about the zero-waste lifestyle too? I’ve seen it on Instagram a lot and even read a few blogs about how people have a mason jar full of trash for the year. With my journey going more environmentally friendly why not dig into this zero waste lifestyle and see how you actually go about this lifestyle change.

What is Zero Waste?

According to Center for Eco – Technology Zero Waste Lifestyle is a movement to reduce the amount one consumes and consequently throws away. The goal is to use as little as possible and waste as little as possible. Ideally you wouldn’t want to use any waste at all. In today’s time it seems as if it’s an impossible task. When it comes to going zero waste it seems like it can be a lot of work and it wouldn’t be practical in your life. I know I did but after following some blogs and doing a bit more research on the topic it’s really not that hard, and I even saved a bit of money doing it.

How I Became Zero-Waste-ish

I’ve been zero waste-ish for about a year now. I do the easy stuff, I look for things that have little to no packaging and if it does have packing I make sure it’s recyclable. I also gave up paper towels, I never cared for buying them anyway and seeing how I can get some towels and continuously reuse them multiple times. I also bring a reusable water bottle to work so I don’t have to bring water every day it saves me money and buying second-hand items it’s cheaper and I find some awesome pieces.

How To Start A Zero Waste Lifestyle

Start small, cut out one or two things that you can live without. The easiest is paper towels they’re wasteful and really serve no purpose. You can rinse/wash and re-use towels over and over again also look for products with minimal packaging or none at all so you won’t have to worry about throwing anything away. Switching to bar soap with no packaging is helpful anything you do is helpful.

Find New Ways To Use Old Items/ If not donate it

Everything in your house serves a purpose. You can use a chest as a table or a bowl as a pot. If you have old towels if you have a pet that can be their wash rag, or you can use it to dust the home. It’s all up to you.

Only buy it if you need it

The best way to live a zero waste lifestyle is to not bring waste in. If you don’t need it or have a real use for it immediately then you don’t need it. Try to avoid buying frivolous things not only will you save money but you’ll save space and be less wasteful too!

Donate What You Don’t Need

Some things you just accumulate over time and no longer need. Give it to someone who does! Sharing what we have extra is a great way to help build up the community and those that are in it. I strongly advise not donating to a corporate entity like Goodwill which isn’t that ‘good’ but to the community outreach programs that are in your area.

As I dive deeper into this zero/minimal use lifestyle I’ll have more to show but right now all I’m doing is using fewer paper products, limiting my plastic use, recycling, and composting. All simple, but customize it to your life and if you have any questions ask them the zero waste community is pretty welcoming and we’re all learning.

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