This year I committed to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Ideally, I would be waste-free but, I’m not mentally ready for that yet. A sustainable lifestyle is way more achievable for me, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of it. Here I’ll show you some ways I’ve become more sustainable, the effect it has on my life, and how to make the transition if you’re considering a more sustainable lifestyle too. But before we get into that, let’s figure out what it means to be sustainable.

What is a Sustainable Lifestyle?

According to Google: Sustainability means “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources maintain an ecological balance.”

In today’s world sustainability can have many different definitions to me it means don’t wasteful, do what you can to protect the environment, and reuse what you have. It’s that simple. When I was researching the basic principles there are so many different sources saying the same thing. Don’t be wasteful, don’t buy harmful products, and don’t overspend. Let’s not complicate things.

How My Sustainable Lifestyle Has Affected Me

I’ve been enjoying my sustainable lifestyle, so far. It has simplified my life and helped me look at my purchases in a new light. I spend my money on more life-enhancing products instead of quick fixes . For example, I buy towels instead of paper towels. I only have to purchase those towels once and they’ll last me years. Rather than a roll of paper towels that cost about the same but I have to replace them more frequently. Living more sustainably has also made my purchases count. I think more about the company I’m buying from and the effect I’ll have in the world than just the rush of shopping. In turn, I try to buy more quality items that I get to wear and enjoy for a very long time.

How I Became More Sustainable

Using What I Have

I try to use everything I have until I can’t use it anymore. If I have something that is just too old or worn or full of holes, then it’s my dog’s new toy, then it’s done, now it’s time for the recycling bin. I try to avoid buying new things unless what I currently have is not functional. For example, I have a pair of knee-high boots that I’ve had going on 11 years. I am just now considering buying a new pair because the bottoms are wearing out and my feet are getting cold. My shoes were fully functional until recently, now that they aren’t it’s time for a new pair. So basically, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Buy Used & Donate Used Items

I’m so happy thrifting is becoming more widespread! There’s so many great products that you can find and new places are popping up everyday. Please take advantage of some great deals I know I love the Vinted app. I’m always shopping or selling something that I just don’t get enough use out of. I don’t really like donating to Goodwill, we don’t have the same beliefs, but those little blue bins outside of target are a God send to donate.

Eat At Home

This is a bit harder for me because I didn’t like to cook. I’m now just now starting to appreciate the art of cooking. Part of the reason I stopped eating out is how my food came. It came wrapped in a lot of plastic and non-reusable/recyclable material my trash would get so filled that I honestly just felt remorseful. I knew I had to change. I’m not perfect and I’m not trying to be but if I can make an easy change that’ll help everyone, I’m going to do it.


Did you know if your glass or plastic wear has food remnants in it it’s not recyclable? Yeah, and black plastic isn’t recyclable either #mindblown. So I now literally wash my trash and try to limit the use. Most importantly, I try to limit my use of plastic and reuse it at home whenever I can rather than rely on a separate company to hopefully take it in. Prevention is key.

Hopefully, you found this helpful if you’re considering looking to live a more sustainable life. I know this is pretty basic stuff, it shows you that sustainability is for everyone. Living a more simplified life with less in regards to; waste, spending, and use what you have until you can’t use it any more will have such a lasting impact on the planet and generations to come! If you have any questions drop them below or message me on our FB or IG page I’ll talk to you soon.

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