Cleansing Your Aura Of Negative Energy

Often times everyone needs a good cleanse. When the air in the room feels tight, your mood is off and you can’t put your finger on what is wrong. There could be an issue going on with your vibe and something could be draining you. Today we’ll talk about things that bring negativity into your life, what are the signs of negativity, and how to remove the negativity from your aura.

I know it’s odd to think that we bring negativity in to our lives, like why would we want something like that in our life? We aren’t always aware that someone or an event is bring negative energy to us, even times we are the negative energy. Constantly talking to yourself or about yourself in a negative light, being around over critical people, over working yourself and not taking time to breathe are all ways you’re creating a negative aura.

While this may vary for a few people but some of the main factors of having a negative aura are:

  • Persistent negative Thoughts
  • Being Over Critical
  • Complaining A lot
  • Restless Nights
  • Health Is Suffering

There are multiple ways to cleanse your energy, one of the most popular ways is smudging. You will need white sage is the most popular and is very powerful to cleanse your space and yourself. Depending on why you’re cleansing there are specific herbs that you can use such as:

  • Rosemary for a fresh start, in general is perfect when you want to start a new chapter in life or you just break a habit or embark on a new journey this would be great for you.
  • Frankincense or myrrh is great for purification it’s been used for years in various purification rituals and they’re still great resins to burn now.
  • You can also light a Himalayan salt lamp for overall general cleansing of a space and create feelings of peace.

Today however we’re going to focus on clearing energy with sage because it’s more common and everyone has a smudge stick. It’s fairly simple; open a window and light the end of the sage as the tips form a thick smolder start swirling the smoke around your feet while slowly making your way up the body. As your moving the smoke around the body say a cleansing chant or affirmation out loud or repeat in your head. Once complete bid the energy goodbye and lightly smudge out the sage in a ceramic bowl or soil.

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