Everyone at some point everyone has experienced some stress in some type of way. With the way the world is right now, everyone is living on the edge. With things like a stressful job, troubles in your relationships, or just world events it can be a lot. According to the American Institute of Stress 33% of Americans feel extreme stress, and with stress being the number one killer we can all use a break. Incorporating calm and mindful practices can be the key to keeping the mind calm and giving us room to breathe. Today I will share some popular ways that I have reduced stress in my life and hopefully, they will help you reduce the stress in yours.

Mindful Exercises To Keep the mind calm

Mindful exercises help keep you grounded and focus to stop the world from spinning all around you. The keep to all this is practice, make sure that you work at these regularly and make them enjoyable to help relieve stress and to keep the mind calm.


Yoga is the practice of connecting the mind to the body and having a spiritual, enlightening moment. When I’m on my mat I’m not worried about burning calories or perfecting my form although it does cross my mind. Instead, my focus is on my breathing and calming my own mind. I’m able to tune in to my body and check in on how I am doing and it makes me feel whole. During my session, I tune out the world and just take a moment for myself and when I’m done then I have a calm mind and can handle anything the world throws at me.

Healthy eating

Something that most people worry about is their diet. up to 60% of people in the world are worried that the food they eat will harm them in the next two years. Such a silly thing to worry about when you think about it. Our diet for most of us is something that we can choose. Eat vegetable-dense food and make for that last, soups and broths as well as beans go a long way. You can also separate the meat (if you choose to eat it) into servings then freeze the rest to make it last. Have fun with recipes and try new healthy food and enjoy it if you can! Food can be fun, satisfying, and healthy if you open your mind.

Remain social

When I have too much going on in my head I tend to go into my sanctuary and not leave for some time. But when you do that you lose sight of the world and yourself. It’s nice to spend some time away to recharge from people but we are social people, even introverts. Every now and again reconnect with a friend, go walk around the park and get some fresh air. It’ll do your mind and body good.

Do things that make me happy

Find something you like, no matter how crazy it might sound or be. So long as you enjoy it and it makes you happy go for gold! You’re in this game of life for the long haul why not make it something that you enjoy instead of something long and dreadful if it doesn’t have to be? Get a hobby that you like and do something that you just enjoy as a whole it doesn’t matter if it’s cool or not just do it.

Setting Boundaries

I started to really set boundaries with people it doesn’t matter how small it is, I set them. Whether it be with my coworkers or no people I don’t want to put myself in an uncomfortable position just to appear friendly. I keep my boundaries so I feel safe and respected and let the other pieces fall where they may.

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