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What Is A Little Hippie-ish ?

Hey welcome!

I know if you’re here because the name or the IG post got your attention, like what is a little hippie-ish? Most people claim to be the biggest little hippie in the world but really they just like music festivals, and psychedelics and no shade I mean who doesn’t like a party every once in a while but that’s not what I’m here for anymore. My little hippie blog is more about my journey to self-discovery and acceptance while learning to be more appreciative of mother earth. I’m learning more about the planet and how I can help it recover and hopefully recover myself. So cliché but that’s the journey I’m on.

Here I’ll post things that I found out about being more eco-friendly, eco-friendly buys, and helpful tips as well as documenting some of the holistic ways I’m finding out about me and the ways I communicate with the universe around me. I will also talk about home decor ideas, self care and ways to better yourself. See a little hippish, I’m on my way. I believe in the universe and love her and the earth dearly and want to listen to her and respect her, that’s my vibe. If you’re just here to learn some cool zero-waste tricks and tips too that’s cool too. Come on let’s go for a ride. Make sure to follow the blog on Instagram and Facebook also if you want to know more about me personally you can follow my Instagram here too.

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