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5 Things You Don’t Have To Do To Live A Sustainable Life

I feel like the number one thing that turns people away from living a greener lifestyle is they think it’s too hard and so expensive, which is funny because I spend less since adopting this lifestyle. Anyway, I thought it would be helpful to tell you guys what you don’t HAVE to do to live a greener, although it’s helpful the difference is minimal that you might as well not. So here’s my list.

Save pasta water

  • I saw this on a zero-waste Instagram page and instantly was grossed out about it, they suggested you use pasta water to wash your dishes. No, that’s a hard pass for me. I’ll limit how much water I use in general but I’m not having sticky dishes that’s how you get sick and have a stinky house. You can use pasta water to water your plants I heard that was good and I tried it myself, I didn’t see a difference but it didn’t hurt.

Make your own soap/detergent

  • This is something I want to get in to I’ll do a post about it, it’s helpful but not necessary. I use an all-natural soap named “Crystal” the bottle is recyclable and cruelty-free. It’s fine just try to use products that do more good than bad then graduate up.

Hand Wash Clothes

  • I did this for a while and I dreaded laundry day. It’s so much work and the clothes take forever to dry and I had to do multiple loads. If I didn’t have so many clothes to wear and lived in an area where it wasn’t so humid, maybe. But using an eco-friendly washer and skipping drying or doing smaller loads can still help the earth.

Give Up Toilet Paper

  • This is something I refuse to do, I’m not washing out s*** I get pee but poop, no just no. I know even though they biodegrade after few minutes it’s the deforestation that’s the issue. Buy recycled toilet paper costs roughly the same and no trees were harmed.

Spend Loads Of Money

  • Please don’t buy every reusable or green product out there. Most of the time they’re green fishing anyway. Buy products you need and reuse what you currently have. Ideally, you want to buy as little as you can so no additional energy or resources are being used that are harming the earth. By consistently buying you end up doing more harm than good, so buy less and use more.

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