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A Whole New Way To Declutter

On my journey to a more simple and happier lifestyle, it seems that the next step is to declutter. I want to start living with less and simplify my life. Living a simpler life not alone relieves stress but helps you focus on things like your health, family, and relationships with people in your life. With this in mind, I thought a good place to start would be to declutter. When I typically declutter I do it to help with my moving but never get rid of things for clarity and for peace. During this recent move I had, I was surprised with how much stuff I have. Stuff that I don’t even use! It’s time to toss and get back to basics, here’s how I do it.


Declutter: The Process

So after unpacking my entire house I realized that I have a lot of stuff that I now have no place for. My last apartment had a lot of storage, this place not so much. I have to get rid of stuff.

First: Collect All The things that I Don’t Need.

I have a lot of stuff I don’t have spots for. Random baskets, my humidifiers, and some clothes that I swear I’m going to wear. Gather them all and put them in a pile. All the stuff that I don’t even care for or like that much anymore I donated. If I’m not going to use them hopefully someone else can.

Second: Collect everything I hardly use.

Now for the harder things. The stuff I do like but hardly use. Things like my serums, Manual clock, and my art supplies. Things that I bought and used once or twice but never touched again. This hurts the most. There’s stuff that I absolutely loved and cared for but it was just junk, I never used it and the chances of me using it again were also low. Why keep it if I don’t even have the space for it? Let it go.

Third: Enjoy the things I love

Now that everything that I don’t like, or need, is gone I have only the stuff that I actually need and use regularly. Having things in your life that spark joy and are useful takes such a weight off your shoulders and keeps things neat and tidy in the home and simplify things.

I like using this method to declutter my home because it helps me identify unnecessary things easily. For example, when I was putting everything back I realized that I 3 duvet covers. 3 duvet covers that I don’t use because I wanted to refresh my space, why am I keeping them? It tossed the 2 that I wanted to get rid of them anyways so, in the donation bin they went as well as a few other things I didn’t need.

Instantly my closet felt so much lighter and brighter I couldn’t be happier and felt so much calmer. Decluttering is a way to not only clean out your home it is also an opportunity to welcome in all the new energy and events in your life and home.

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