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Beware Of The Pink Sauce From Tik Tok

The pink sauce is a viral Dragon fruit spiked sauce from user Cheif Pii, known as Veronica Shaw. That would usually be amazing news for her small business however the sauce has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The Pink sauce was launched on July 1st at 11:11 am for $20 a bottle. Promoting it as the ‘pink sauce everyone has been raving about!’ The mystery around the sauce flavor, which has been said to taste like read, had people wanting to try it. That is until people started to receive their packages.

Customer reviews state that they received leaking bottles of rotten-smelling sauce in the mail. Around 50 packages were impacted and customers were swiftly offered a refund or a replacement. Chef Pii or Veronica admitted fault and took full responsibility telling Glamour mag ” It was our fault, we should have used boxes instead of bags.”

That wasn’t the only customer complaint. Customers began to point out dangerous discrepancies on the sauce’s nutritional label. On the original label, it claimed to contain 444 servings in one bottle, something that doesn’t make sense mathematically. Shaw later explained that this was a mix-up. Each bottle contains 444 grams of sauce amounting to 30 servings per bottle. However, that’s not the real concern, the real concern is the sauce contains milk and relies on natural preservatives but is shipped in non-refrigerated boxes. Many worry if the product is safe to ship unrefrigerated. Shaw clarified that the sauce was safe to ship and should be refrigerated after opening. She insisted that the product has been quality tested and is following FDA standards, although it is still going under lab testing…

Shaw has been very vocal online about the controversy and has been very interactive with the wave of complaints she has been receiving. She says she and her children eat the sauce regularly. Still, with the inaccuracies, people remain skeptical, and rightfully so. Would you try the sauce?

Source: Glamour

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