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Kimberly Rae Jones

Writer, Wellness Coach

My Intention: To inspire wellness through eco-friendly living and peaceful life.

My Motto: This is your life, live it how you want.

Back in 2020 when the world was shut down I had my own breakdown. During that time I was encouraged by a dear friend to live my life on my terms. At the time I began thinking about my ideal life. What it was and how I would want it to be. After much thought, I found my core principles and what I want to represent.

Peace: I will not let myself or others cause unnecessary stress or conflict in my life.

Self Acceptance: I will love myself and be myself unapologetically.

Love For Divine: Respect the earth and all things that inhabit it.

With these principles in mind, I decided to document my journey and everything I’ve learned. Thus A Little Hippie-ish was born! I use this site not only for self-expression but to document the lessons I’ve learned and spread any knowledge that can guide you to lead you to live your authentic life.

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