I have heard of oil pulling for a few years and always wondered what the deal was? I remember when Miranda Kerr came out in 2016 saying that she oil pulls with coconut oil but it was also when everyone was obsessed with coconut oil so I took it with a grain of salt. As the years went on, I’ve become more interested in the art of oil pulling. Can it really help keep my teeth fresher and healthier for longer? I had to know more and try it for myself, if you’re Let’s dig in and see if there’s any backing to it!

What is oil pulling

So first let’s cover the basics, Oil pulling involves swishing an edible oil around in your mouth to remove any bacteria. This practice dates back to ancient India and is associated with Ayurvedic medicine. Oil pulling not only promotes overall oral hygiene but can help your overall health. 1

What kind of oil should you use?

There are different benefits with each oil (we’ll go into that in the next section) but the most popular are:

-Sunflower seed

-Extra virgin Coconut oil

-Sesame Seed Oil

Oil Pulling Benefits 2

Oil pulling, specifically extra virgin coconut oil, can reduce the harmful bacteria in your mouth. It can also help with plaque buildup and tooth decay. One study showed that oil pulling can help with inflammation in your gums aka gingivitis. To get the full benefits you typically want to swish for about 10 – 15 minutes for the full effect. I know when I do it I swish while I do my shower and beauty routine it takes about 10ish minutes and it doesn’t feel as long as it would be when you’re just standing there. 3

If you choose to use sesame seed oil it can help reduce bad breath. There was a study with about 20 teens that showed using sesame seed oil when oil pulling significantly reduced the marker of bad breath! It worked just as well as chlorhexidine mouthwash, except it’s more natural.4

That being said, there has been no proof that oil pulling can help with whitening teeth or eliminates toxins in your body. If you’ve had any of these benefits then (yay) go for it but it’s more pseudo than actual so take it with a grain of salt.5

Virgin coconut oil for oil pulling

How To Do Oil Pulling

Take about a tsp (15mL) of oil (extra virgin coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, or sesame seed oil. ) Place it in your mouth and swish for 5 to 20 minutes. No need to gargle or anything. After you’re done you can spit it in a napkin or jar then put it in the trash. Spitting it out in the sink might clog your pipes due to the fat in the oil so just be mindful about that :).

My experience with Oil pulling

Ok so on to my experience! I have been oil-pulling for about a week or so now and I can say I love it! My teeth feel so much cleaner after I do it. My process is I swish extra virgin coconut oil for about 10 minutes while doing my nightly routine and then I brush my teeth afterward. Based on my research it is still recommended that you brush your teeth as oil pulling does not replace actually brushing your teeth. It’s like using mouthwash, it’s an addition to your oral hygiene but not a replacement.

I like that the coconut oil has a sweet flavor to it so right now it’s my oil of choice. After I finish brushing my teeth feel like they have been deep cleaned. My mouth has a calm and relaxed feeling about it and doesn’t feel irritated like it does after you floss.


Oil pulling is a great addition to your oral hygiene regime. Based on my research practicing oil pulling has a great effect on your breath and your gum health but it doesn’t look like it will clear out any bad energy or toxins from your body so you’ll just have to rely on crystals for now :).

I hope you enjoyed this article and I will see you in the next one!

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