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The Best & Affordable Sunscreens For Dark Skin

sunscreen for dark skin

The sun is out, and I couldn’t be happier! It’s time for tank tops, shorts, flip flops, and showing as much skin as possible. I know for us brown skin beauties sunscreen is hard to find. We want to glow and look radiant in the sun but most sunscreen ends with us looking a weird grey color. You would think in this day and again they’d have it together by now, well some brands got the hint! Well, believe it or not, some of them have! So for my fellow dark skin people, I want to show you some of the brands I love to use to get that sunkissed look while being protected. Below are my top 4 affordable sunscreens for dark skin.

Why Should Everyone Wear Sunscreen

Growing up I heard the same thing most black girls heard “We don’t have to wear sunscreen because my skin is dark” or “The melanin protects us” While yes melanin does help us absorb the UV rays it does not protect against skin cancer and all of the damaging effects of the sun rays. We can still burn, still get skin mutations, and UV radiation. It’s all possible2. Sunscreen protects us from it and keeps our skin looking good and our cells healthy. We all need a good sunscreen and we should apply it regularly.

My Top Sunscreen For Dark Skin

Sun Bum Sunscreen

This is my ultimate go-to! It’s vegan and coral reef friendly (so it doesn’t bleach corals) It is very moisturizing without being greasy. On my body, I have dry skin so I do put on a lotion underneath, depending on your skin type it might work for you but it is a preference. It does have a light fragrance to it but it’s nothing that is too overpowering and more importantly there isn’t a white or purple-y cast after you apply it.

Supergoop! Sunscreen

This is no secret but if I’m honest I hadn’t heard of it until a year or so ago. I know it comes in many different types. I love the spray but this is good if you have sensitive skin or don’t like fragrance. This is also reef friendly and absorbs very fast, with no cast. I will say the spray does take a bit longer to absorb into my skin so there is a cast on me but that’s about 30 seconds, but I’ll take it so I can just spray my back down. For the face, the lotion is better.

Brush on block mineral sunscreen

This is perfect if you have makeup on and want to touch it up, however, it’s not a setting powder. I know from experience and it doesn’t work out the way that you think. It’s easy and lightweight but just use it with a light hand, it is a good powder and it’s also refillable as well as coral reef safe.

Goddess Garden Mineral Sunscreen

Both vegan and leaping bunny certified it’s one of the reasons I love this brand. I tried it last summer and it worked beautifully on my skin. It does take some effort to rub in but it does eventually go on and once it does you don’t have to worry about it anymore which is great. I can’t stress enough with this a little goes a long way! I applied too much my first time and it was a pain but if you apply it in thin layers it will be beautiful. This sunscreen is cruelty-free, reef friendly, vegan, and mineral and plant safe, Can you really ask for more?

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