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I tried Erykah Badu’s Wellness Tips For A Month And It Was Transformative

Erykah Badu

I’m an Erykah Badu fan, I mean who isn’t? The way she moves and her brain’s inner workings is fascinating. Her life is something that I aspire to have(at least the part that she shows us). When I first went down this hippie road she was someone I researched to figure out how I should move, as she was someone I again wanted to be like. I found an article a few years back where she listed out her top 10 wellness tips and I had to try them!

Erykah Badu Wellness Tips

So before we start let’s get into what her wellness tips are according to an interview with YouAligned:

  1. Develop a morning routine
  2. Eat what’s best for your body
  3. Use crystal salt deodorant
  4. Cranberries (for your vagina)
  5. Don’t rely on sex for happiness
  6. Give yourself a grown-up time out
  7. Keep your vibes high with crystals
  8. Meditate for the restless
  9. Remain present
  10. Have a 3-step method
    • Identify your negative beliefs
    • Cleanse by drinking plenty of water and praying for your spirit.
    • Fast in short increments

I could not wait to get started on this! In the articles, she took a shot of wheatgrass as I soon as I woke up then I would drink about 24oz of water while I was getting dressed. This made me feel very energetic and the shot of wheatgrass made me feel healthier so I made sure to be more mindful of my choices throughout the day.

The first few days of drinking this much was very exhausting. I firmly believe in drinking when you’re thirsty, but now I’m drinking just because it wreaked havoc on my bladder! I also wasn’t hungry due to the amount of water I was drinking. I didn’t find myself craving as much food as I usually did during the day or snacking as much. To be honest it was nice, outside of using the bathroom. My skin overall was glowing and smoothed out beautifully. It was lovely. This isn’t uncommon when it comes to drinking water and eating vegetables. According to the National Insitute Of Health to says eating more of a plant-based diet has a lot of vitamins C , and E, it helps in oxidant defense, lower inflammation, and help promote the structure of the skin.

I feel way more energized and light and my mind is more positive. I also had my last meal before sunset. This is my “fast” It ends up being around 12 hours but most of the time I’m sleeping so I don’t notice it that much and feel it but I’m working with my body and my digestive system has been flowing amazingly (tmi) without changing up my diet too much.

Now on to the Crystal deodorant, I can only find the roll-on version it wasn’t my first choice because I sweat heavily, and adding moisture to that usually is not the move. However, this actually kept me dry all day. Even in hot weather, during my hikes, or in the North Carolina humidity. It worked throughout. If you’re looking for an all-natural deodorant scented with essential oils, this is it! Honestly, it’s amazing.

As you know when it comes to yoga it’s my meditation but I’ve been taking my savasana more seriously and giving myself extra time to cool down and relax while reconnecting with myself. I feel like usually when I finish my yoga session I rush through it and focus on my breathing but when I took it as a time out and a time to reconnect with me and my inner goddess. It was nice to meet her again and see where she wants to take me.

Overall, this month was amazing. I felt like I was able to really reconnect with myself and focus more on my health, something that I had honestly let fall to the wayside for a long time. It was good to feel like me again. I know I’ll keep my meditation will up as well as add more food to my diet, there’s not much that I would change. It’s a nice way to keep intuned with your mind and body and keep your spirituality in check.

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