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The Biggest Life Lessons From My Childhood

When I was younger I wasn’t the most understanding person. I mean was any of us? I was trying to figure out life on my own while thinking I knew everything. As I got older and learned a lot of life lessons on my own I started to realize a few of my biggest life lessons I learned from my childhood.

Be selective about who you let in your home.

When I was younger my parents didn’t let us have a lot of friends over. I could still have sleepovers and stuff but my house was not the ‘hang out’ spot. Why? You never know what energy they may bring or if they are peaceful I learned this on two different accessions one where my friend only came over to meet up with her boyfriend who was not good news, and some of that trouble found its way to my home. The second was when I had my own place and had multiple people over and was never able to find peace there because so many people were coming in and out now I’m not saying to have people over but de mind for of the energy you bring and ensure that they have good intentions for you and aren’t self. Serving

Anything done in the dark will come to the light

I’ve unfortunately had to learn this lesson a few times but if you don’t want it to get out don’t do it. A secret is only a secret to you and to others it’s leverage so don’t do anything you don’t want to get out.

Be self reliant

It’s great to have A community you can rely on communal living is something that is becoming more commonplace and it’s nice to know that you don’t have to go it alone. But it’s also good to be able to hold down the fort on your own. Learn the basic skills like cooking cleaning self defense and making your own appointments. Being able to do stuff alone can boost your confidence which can follow you through life.

Never Stop Learning

My dad said this to me when I was younger, and I would always roll my eyes because I thought learning only happened in school. Now that I’m older I realized that you learn everywhere! When you open your mind up to knowledge you can find it anywhere and you become so much more. when you are open to learning a new way of thinking and being.

Kindness Brings You Kindness

Newsflash I was not always a peaceful and loving person. I was actually quite a bitch if I’m honest. I would always wonder why my life was so much harrder and why am I so unhappy, well if you’re a nasty person you’ll probably have a nasty life. When I decided to not to be like that and change, my overall well-being and life changed. I was happier,I had more friends, and better job opportunites. It wasa a wild concept.

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