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5 Amazing Mindfulness Practices For A Peaceful Mind

peaceful mind

Everyday life can be hectic! From work to social engagement and self-care, it can feel like we have a million and one things on our plates to do and it will disrupt our peace and makes it hard to have a peaceful mind. We can get lost in the whirlwind of life and lose track of who we are and our inner peace. I’ve been there and luckily I’ve been able to use mindfulness to create a peaceful mind and life in a hectic world I want to show you some of the practices I use to cultivate a peaceful mind.

One of the ways I keep my sanity is by practicing mindfulness. Making sure that I stay present in the current moment and remind myself that only the current moment that I am in right now matters. Reminding myself that I’m only one person and I live in this current moment stops me from creating fake scenarios in my head or going off on a negative spiral like my brain likes to do. Being mindful and letting peace flow into my life without any friction has been heaven sent but I want to dive more into what a peaceful life is and what it could look like.

What is A Peaceful Life?

According to the peace revolution1 living in peace is all about living harmoniously with yourself, others, and all beings near you. This may look different to every life you could find out regularly interacting with others or in solitude. It’s different for all types. The practices typically are universal and help you decide where your peace lies.

Mindful Practices For To Live A Peaceful Mind

Practice Gratitude I can not stress how important it is to remind yourself of for you’ve become on your journey and to be thankful for what your hardships have taught you. As well as everything that you have learned on your journey that has shaped you into the wonderful person you are now even though it might not be how you pictured it, it’s still worth the journey.

peaceful mind

Focus On The Now We can often get focused on overanalyzing the past or worrying about the future not realizing that neither of them matters, they are not the now. Focus on what you can control and what you can do in the present moment, and remind yourself what you’re currently doing to ground yourself. Breathe deeply and remind yourself where you’re at, what you’re currently doing, and that you are just vibing in this current moment.

Meditate Take deep breaths and check in with yourself. Ask yourself ‘how are you doing?’ ‘What’s going on?’ or just look inward and see what’s going on. You can take a moment and look into yourself and see why you’re feeling the way that you are. YOu can even just meditate to regulate your emotions and calm your nerves. Whatever you need to bring yourself peace.

Be Out In Nature It has been shown that spending time in nature can help relax you and ground you. I always feel so relaxed after a nice walk in nature and breathing in the fresh air. if you want to look into making a meditation practice in nature look into our post on Earthing to learn more here.

Do Something To Make You Happy This is something we often confuse with something big and extravagant but it doesn’t have to be. You can make yourself a nice meal, sit in the sunlight, or dance in the moonlight whatever makes you happy. Do a simple act of kindness for yourself or others as long as it makes you smile that’s the whole point.

I hope this helps you on your journey!

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