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4 Tips On How To Create A More Conscious Beauty Routine

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When it comes to taking stock of your carbon footprint, your skincare might be one of the few things on that list. It’s very easy to assume that your skincare routine is clean. But is it really? Skincare is one place where there are so many opportunities to help your planet and reduce your carbon footprint. From limiting your shower time to being more conscious of your beauty routine by buying more organic products. Nothing sticks it to the man like hitting them in their wallet. Put your money where your mouth is and become a more conscious spender and create your own conscious beauty routine.

What Is Conscious Beauty?

I think all beauty describes it best here’s what they had to say ” Conscious beauty describes the way people choose their beauty products according to their personal beliefs.1 ” It’s all about being aware of the company that you’re supporting with your money. When I first began my hippie lifestyle I started looking more into the companies I would support with my money and what they were all about.

It’s the main reason why I decided to thrift more than I buy, I wouldn’t want to directly give my support to a brand or company that is so toxic, and when I do thrift I avoid resellers they kill the vibe. When it comes to conscious beauty, I only buy from select brands that tell me exactly what they do to be sustainable and have green packaging that others completely live without. If you’re ever curious about what I do/did to become more green check out the sustainability section of the blog here.

Conscious Beauty

4 Tips To Be A Conscious Beauty Routine


The number of times I was at Ulta in the aisles forever researching each ingredient on the hair products and makeup brands that I wanted to try. It’s so important to be an informed shopper. Again the best way to show your support is by what you buy. Taking the extra time to look up the ingredients that you’re unfamiliar with, even if you don’t have time, or even just learning more about the company and what its values are is always a great start.

Pay Attention To The Packaging

Try your best to avoid plastic packaging or any unusable packaging. Look for packaging or brands that can be reused, or recycled, or even you can find a brand that will refill the bottles for you so you don’t have to keep buying more and more packing. A lot of brands have compostable packaging that you can add to your compost and return to the earth. Isn’t that cool?

Take Inventory Of Your Supply

Are there some products that you just don’t use as much or at all? Maybe it’s time to downsize. I know when I was going through some of my makeup half of the products I didn’t even use anymore! I donated some to my friend (the ones I didn’t use) other than that I tried to find use or tossed it. Makeup isn’t one of those things you can sell or thrift stores will take. I managed to save the packing and recycle some but it’s best to get ahead of it and not buy a product you don’t have an immediate need for.

Be patient its a journey, not a destination

There is no long-lasting change that happens overnight, this is no different. going and tossing out all your products won’t unspend the money. Use up all the products and don’t let them go to waste. Once you’re done then go and find a new product that you can stand behind and enjoy the products. The change should be gradual that way you can learn all that you can about the brand and see what products you need.

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