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Amazing Sustainable Products For Home

When you first begin your hippie journey most people do it to help the environment, I know that’s what did it for me. The process of transitioning over to eco-friendly and sustainable products isn’t an easy thing. Many people think you must toss out everything to be green. You don’t and I have a whole article about why you don’t need to toss it all. Today I wanted to show you some fantastic Sustainable Products For Home while you’re transitioning to green living.

What is Green Living?

Greenly explains this best, in short, green living means developing sustainable habits in one’s daily life so their daily routines and work styles work with nature, not against it1.

Going green and being more sustainable is something we often overcomplicate and we think will be so expensive and time-consuming but it’s not! Little changes and getting products when you need to replace them is ideal.

Sustainable Products For Home

A Water Filter

Whether you use a pitcher or one attached to your faucet filtered water is top there. It not only saves you time and money is also lessens plastic waste. Instead of stopping by a store to buy plastic water bottles that you’ll just throw out you can get a big water bottle and continuously refill it. I have a water filter I’ve used a pitcher and a faucet attachment. I like the pitcher because I like very cold water and the water in my faucet just doesn’t get cold enough for me! But it is very very convenient.

PUR Faucet Mount Water Filtration System

Brita Large Water Filter Pitcher

Brita XL Water Filter Dispenser

Reusable Bags

Carrying a reusable bag with you not only reduces your plastic use but depending on what size bag you use can also lessen the trips when unpacking the car. The main issue for me is forgetting my bag at home. To fix this I would just carry it in my car or carry it out as my bag for the day. Once you get in the habit of having it around you’ll never forget it.

Eco Right Canvas Tote Bag

6 Pack Reusable Shopping Grocery Bags

Reusable Paper Towels

One of the first things I did when I became more ecofriendly I realized that in some cases you just need a paper towel. I wondered how to remain sustainable but also have something Easy, reusable towels! I can simply rinse it out and let it dry out then use it again. It’s one of those things that I buy once and never had to buy again, love it!

FEBU Swedish Dishcloths for Kitchen

The Useless Brand Reusable Paper Towels Roll

Dryer Balls

I used to hate taking and tossing the dryer sheets out of my laundry. Such a hassle, and so wasteful. With the dryer balls they last forever, think 10 years or 1,000 washes I leave mine in the dryer so I won’t forget. You can also add any essential oils for fragrance if you want or if you don’t want any fragrance it works for that as well.

There you have it! My favorite sustainable products for home I hope this helped you on your journey and I’ll see you soon.

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