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Rose Quartz Deserves All The Hype Here’s Why

rose quartz

When I first got into crystals I kept hearing all about rose quartz. You can find it everywhere for an affordable price whether it’s in jewelry, home decor, or accessories. It’s everyone’s go-to crystal and a great crystal to start out with if you’re just getting into crystals.

What is Rose Quartz

One of the most abundant crystals is harvested in multiple places like Brazil, Germany, Namibia, South Africa, and Madagascar. Rose quartz was first discovered way back in 800 bc many civilizations like the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans have used this semi-translucent hexagonal pale pink crystal as jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. As this placement on the body allows this to have the most healing properties. 1

Rose Quartz represents love and compassion in love properties that are universal. It’s the love between you and yourself, your family, your friends, and life in general. It focuses on a soft brand of love and even helps with communication. It is linked to the zodiac Taurus and is the birthstone of Libras.

Healing Properties

  • Attaches to the heart and throat chakra and helps open them up
  • Communicates love and self-care
  • Gives you goddess energy and it’s connected to Aphrodite and Adonis
  • Connects with the feminine divine, and gives compassion and peace
  • Helps heal emotional wounds 2

How To Properly Use Rose Quartz

While there are many ways you can use Rose Quartz I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to use the crystal as well as some new ways that you can use this powerful crystal.

Ritual For Protection

Meditate and write down things that you like about yourself like various achievements or a quality you like about yourself. Then repeat the affirmation ‘I am worthy of love”

Carry It With You

You can also read through your gratitude journal while holding the crystal empowering the crystal with self-love and carrying the crystal with you thus carrying the love you have in the journal with you throughout the day.

Meditation for Compassion

Pair with black tourmaline and hold them both in your hands and imagine the black color washing over your mind and body. Imagine then a white light piercing through the darkness. You are the light in the dark, you are safe. On the exhale release any troubling or negative thoughts.

When your body relaxes and your heartbeat slows picture the black energy shrinking slowly and setting back to the root chakra.

Wearing it with your jewelry

Much like the civilizations of old wearing Rose Quartz will give you the confident goddess energy you deserve. Wearing it as a necklace would be the best placement being that it’s near the heart and throat chakra it can help empower you on your journey. 3

Caring For The Crystal

Charging – You can use a selenite with a charging plate or using a selenite wand to help remove any negative or unwanted energy from your crystal. You can also leave it out under the moonlight for several hours based phase of the moon so you can charge it with that energy. Burying it in the earth for 24 hours or more to cleanse it is a safe option, this one is one of my favorites because to me it renews the crystal because you’re rebirth the crystal after burying it.

Cleansing – Using sound is always a safe bet when working with a new crystal and you want to keep it safe. Rinsing it with water would also be a safe option with this stone as it is safe for water. And lastly, you can cleanse it safely by smoking it with sage to remove any negative energy from the quartz.

Hope this helps!

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