Citrine is one of those crystals that instantly pulls you in and piques your curiosity. With its beautiful coloring and the uniqueness of its shape, it’s no wonder how it captivates our minds and easily influences our energies. In this article, I will teach you everything I know about citrine and how to use it to your best advantage.

What Is Citrine?

Citrine is a variety of quartz that can be found everywhere! Most of the time it’s found in Brazil, Uruguay, and some deposits in Russia, Madagascar, and Kazakhstan too. It ranges from light yellow to deeper brownish yellows, even shades of oranges, and all the colors in between. Just like clear quartz it has aluminum and lithium that’s what gives Citrine, it’s the smokey golden color you see in the natural stone. 1

Types Of Citrine

There’s natural citrine that we spoke about in the previous section. The others are heat treated sometimes called ‘Fake Citrine’ or ‘Baked Amethyest’ Heated citrine is amethyst that has been heated to change its color from purple to shades of yellow, amber, and other shades of citrine it’s still just as potent and can be just as healing.

Then there’s Kundalini citrine it’s an abundance formation it’s when one large crystal is surrounded by smaller crystals around the base. It’s connected with wealth, prosperity and abundance, and manifesting.

Best Uses For Citrine

When it comes to this tiny crystal it journey starts within you and then spreads over into the physical world.

  • Increases self-esteem – It’ll put any shortcomings into perspective and manifest positive energy.
  • Gives you clarity and purpose – Helps channel the chaotic energy and brightens up the fog.
  • Supports the solar plexus – By bringing positive energy and all those good vibrations the crystal’s vibrations awaken your solar plexus.
  • Attracts Abundance – By promoting generosity and attracting wealth to you.
  • Promotes a positive mood – its bright and vibrant orange and yellow hue acts as a sun and blasts away any negative energy that’s hanging in the air

How To Use

You can use Citrine in a lot of different ways outside of simply wearing it. But before you run to your nearest crystal shop let’s go over some ways to use your crystal for the best results!

  1. Take a bath – Baths are a great way to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit while surrounding yourself with whatever energy you want to bring into your life. Begin filling your tub with lukewarm water once it’s halfway full add the citrine tub with water then place the citrine in the middle of the tub along with any herbs or salts that you wish to use. Allow the tub to fill to your desired level. Once you’re in the tub allow yourself to relax and let the crystal work its magic.
  2. Give Yourself An Energy Boost – If you’re feeling low take a 15 min break and grab your favorite orange crystal and place it on your root chakra. Allow the vibrations to flow through you and give yourself a boost.
  3. Use It In Your Meditation Practice – Having crystals around during your meditation practice helps bring that energy into your body and communicate with the universe. Place the crystal near you to help you glow from within and increase your positivity.

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