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5 Ways To Live Sustainably in The City

live sustainably

Most people live in or near a major city. This can make living sustainability difficult if you’re new to the lifestyle or to the town. Having a sustainable life is possible no matter where you live. Being sustainable is the best way to be eco-friendly, honor mother earth, and not live on the compound. Today I want to show you easy ways to live sustainably no matter what city you live in.

What Is Living Sustainably?

A brief understanding of sustainability is something that we’ve gone over many times before but being sustainable is a lifestyle, not a quick answer. To sum it up briefly, sustainability is the balance between the environment, equity, and economy. Being sustainable is the understanding that resources or finite and should be used wisely keeping in mind what the long-term effects will be.

What Does It Mean To Live Sustainably in The City Like?

I live in a city in the south most are up and coming most places you need a car to get around but if I’m able to lessen my footprint so can you!

First, look for more sustainable brands. When it comes to companies if you’re able to afford more sustainable brands please buy from them. A good start is brands that support your values. Do your own research on brands and see what good they’re putting back into the universe. Are they fair trade? What kind of environment do they have and do they give back? Put your money where your mouth is and support brands that you can stand behind.

Look for long-term solutions- When shopping looks for pieces that will last longer than a day or season. If you can’t afford the other then look for good and affordable pieces in your price range and make sure to take care of them so they last longer. A good example is clothing. If you need to shop and a fast fashion retailer that’s ok so long as you can make the piece last. Look for heavier fabrics in classic cuts that work for multiple seasons. This way you’ll have it for years and it’s always in fashion.

Cook at home – I know with prices rising eating out might be as good as going to the grocery store, but don’t look for a quick fix to a long-term problem. What’s really the impact of ordering door dash? It’s a $30 dollar meal that has more waste and fuel costs than just cooking a meal at home that you can eat more times than once and doesn’t produce that much waste. If you must eat out go out to the restaurant and enjoy the evening! if you prefer to take it out that’s still ok just keep it to a minimum. Also if the food comes in reusable packing please reuse it’s free after all!

Look for Food Sharing Programs Food – waste is an ever-increasing issue roughly 24% of all food produced in the US goes to waste3 for various reasons whether it’s from restaurants that only want to produce fresh meals so they toss anything a day-old or grocery stores that throw away anything that might be slightly deformed. It all varies. To combat this many cities have created a food-sharing program where you can take unspoiled food (like canned or frozen food) that you or your family do not want and you can swap food for something you do like. By doing this we limit our food waste while also helping those in need.

Thrift Shop – When we think about thrifting we often think about just clothing but you can thrift almost everything. Of course, use your best judgment on what you think is worthy of what you need but I think thrifting most of your home goods is a great way to create a unique look for your home on a budget all while being sustainable by reducing waste.

I hope this helps you live sustainably in your hippie life! See you next time.

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