Third eye chakra

You often hear about opening your third eye chakra to achieve true enlightenment when it comes to the spiritual realm. It’s one of the chakras that most consider life changing when it opens and is the first chakra we think about when we begin working on our energy. As I continue working through the chakras I’m learning that they all play an essential part to our overall well being and that it’s all connected, so please don’t think just opening your third eye will heal all wounds. As most things in the world it’s usually not as they appear. Let’s continue our journey through the chakras and learn about the mystical third eye chakra.

What is the third eye chakra?

Known as Ajna, the third eye is the sixth chakra in the body. This chakra is located in between the eyebrows and just above the eye levels. This chakra is associated with higher knowledge, intuition, and your sixth sense. The third eye helps you see beyond the physical realm your eyes see. It connects you to your intuition and illuminates everything as it is without a filter of your past expectations and judgement. It’s also linked to imagination and visualization.

The element for this chakra is light. You carry this light and wisdom through you to brighten your path. It’s color is indigo a blue that is associated with wisdom and deep inner knowledge. The mantra you use to open is Om this links you to your source of creation. 1

How Do You Know If Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked?

You lose sight of your dreams – you feel disconnected from your dreams and forget your goals and feel like you can’t reach them.

You have judgmental thoughts – this behavior signifies the inability to embrace uniqueness in the world or others. If you’re constantly feel as if you’re judging others or being narrow minded you might have a blocked chakra.

You feel disconnected from your intuition or natural instincts – your intuition and instincts allow you to use your personal insight. If you don’t feel that kind. Of connection and feel lost and confused, you might have a blocked chakra.

You Lack Imagination.

Constant light sensitivity

You feel disconnected from the world

Your sleep cycle is off

Disconnected from the universe and nature

You’re unable to recognize the truth

How To Unblock Your Chakra

Practice Kundalini yoga. This is known as the yoga of awareness this style of yoga focus’s on awakening the energy. In the body through specific techniques. 3 poses that opens your third eye are.

  • Plow Pose
  • Child Pose
  • And downward dog

These provides a healthy alignment through the third eye chakra.

Use Affirmations. We all know how beneficial affirmations are, below are some that work great with this chakra:

  • I am open to the truths of the universe.
  • I am the source of my truth.
  • I am connected to the spiritual world.
  • I see my life’s purpose clearly.

Keep crystals near. Crystal can connect you to the universe and the energy around you. That being said you can see why they are important with any type of energy work. When working with your third eye you want to make sure these crystals are near by:

Lapis Lazuli – Supports balance of psychic intuition and reason to awaken your higher self.

Purple or Violet Tourmaline – This promotes spiritual growth and problem solving.

Sodalite – Reduces anxiety, calms the mind, supports self acceptance.

Much like the other chakras there is power in the colors. Wearing indigo or purple can help activate your third eye chakra and keep your energy flowing.

Meditation is a great tool for not only calming the mind and checking in on your mind and body. To open your third eye chakra bring awareness to the chakra envision a purple light flowing through your body and out to the world and the universe. This will help open your mind to what the world and universe wants to show you.

I hope this helps you on your journey and thank you for visiting!

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