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Earthing: What On Earth Is It?


With our new modern lifestyle, we have become more separated from the positive electrons that can be very beneficial to our health. This disconnect can have terrible effects on our overall well-being. Connecting to the universe by earthing is a great way to realign yourself with the earth commonly referred to as grounding. By doing this we can get all of the amazing electrons that the earth has to offer.

What Is Earthing?

Earthing refers to contact with the earth’s surface to the human body. Typically by walking barefoot outside or sitting in the grass. This helps your body absorb the earth’s free electrons when you connect to the earth, these electrons naturally flow between the earth and the human body. This reduces the free radicals and eliminates any static electrical charge. 1

Benefits Of Earthing

When you practice earthing, or grounding there is a multitude of benefits to this practice. One of the biggest benefits is improving sleep, it calms you almost instantly and eases breathing and blood flow. While improving clarity and appreciation, focusing, and will bring balance to life. 2

How To Start Your Earthing Journey

Go outside into your backyard or a park and sit or stand on the earth for about 30 minutes a day.

If you can’t go outdoors or live in the middle of a city with no grass or no safe grass you can sit near a house plant, and replant a house plant so you can touch the earth. You can also use essential oils like cypress, sandalwood, or ginger. There are also crystals that you can use like black tourmaline or smokey quartz to help.

Once you get comfortable begin breathing in and out slowly allowing yourself to embrace nature fully. Touch the grass, take in all the scents, and feel the sunshine on your skin, while looking into the sky while the electrons flow through your body. Feel the positive energy enter your body and relieve any tension you might have stored up. Be healed and allow positivity to radiate through you.

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