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A Mini Guide On Orgasmic Meditation

orgasmic meditation

When you hear of Orgasmic Meditation you probably think of a passionate night with you and your partner. While it is an enjoyable experience it’s more than just about the big O. Read on to find out about this engaging practice.

What Is Orgasmic Meditation

Also known as OM it is a mindfulness and presence practice with an emphasis on pleasure. Traditionally OM focuses on rubbing on the upper left quadrant of the clitoris for 15 minutes with a lubricated finger. You’re invited to listen to your body and give in to the extended feelings that arise during the stimulation without the goal of climaxing.1

Benefits Of Orgasmic Meditation

People who practice Orgasmic meditation regularly experience:

  • Increased Happiness
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Have healthier and more connected relationships2
  • It can also help with people who have lower libidos
  • And sexual dysfunctions

How To Practice Orgasmic Meditation

Traditionally this is performed with a partner called a stroker partner on a woman the strokee it can be done on a man or person with a penis. In this first half, we will go over the traditional way of the practice and then go on to the variations.

Begin with a lubed finger. If a partner is doing it they’ll put a hand under your butt and thumb partly in the vagina with the other hand, they’ll lift up the clitoral hood and stroke the clitoris directly.

If you’re going solo you just need to lift up the hood and stroke the clit.

Time It

If you’re following tradition there are 13 minutes of clitoral stroking then 2 minutes of the partner applying grounding pressure to the vulva with their hands.

There’s another option where you’ll deliberate embodied orgasm the timing is looser like 20-30 minutes to an hour.

Timing can feel unnatural to some. Too many teachers use the timer to challenge the way we look at sexual reciprocation. While nothing is owed to your partner if you agreed to a certain time frame you don’t have to worry about taking too long or reciprocating during that time, it’s all about you.

If it’s needed, It’s ok to vary strokes and application of the pressure based on the receiver’s feedback. As you become more intuned with their body things might change. It’s all about connecting with your partner and them connecting to you and their body.

When it comes to the climax there is a bit of a difference between climaxing and orgasming. A climax is the finale of the sexual experience while an orgasm is a pleasure and high-intensity sensation that might include a climax but doesn’t need to include a crash. An orgasm is involuntary, so your body reacts in ways you can’t control. For example, you might start shaking, sweating, contracting muscles, etc. It’s a sensation that goes on for minutes or hours. You stay present and savor it rather than starting and finishing.

People With A Penis

If you have a penis and would like to explore this form of meditation it’s very similar. You would use a slower stroking motion for 15 minutes with the scrotum. You can still play with the speed and stroking pressure.

Just Words To The Wise

I encourage you to start solo and practice on your own so you know the speed and pressure you like and then with a trusted partner you can introduce a partner.

If you’d like a little ambiance you can set the room up with candles and cleanse the space with sound (learn how here) and make it comfortable for you.

Focus on calming the mind and prioritize mindfulness. I know it’s easy to get caught in the moment. Remember it’s a meditation practice, focus on connecting with your body and being in tune with yourself.

Communicate with your partner by letting them know what you like and what you don’t like. This is your practice and if something feels off let them know, it’ll help both of you in the practice.

Lastly, when you’re ready you can add toys if you like but it’s not necessary. 4

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