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6 Powerful Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals

cleanse your crystals

Crystals are a perfect vessel to help control and manifest the positive energy you want to put out in the world and deflect any energy you don’t want to receive. With the crystals protecting so much, you’ll need to clean them often to keep them in peak condition and work as hard as you need them to. In this article, I will show you the best ways to cleanse your crystals and keep them powerful.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Running Water

Much like a stream can wash away your problems running water can also cleanse your crystals. Ideally, you can do this under a faucet, I have also rinsed them in standing lake water by running the crystals through the water. Regardless of the water source you want to ensure that the crystal is submerged in the water for about a minute to get it cleanse completely.

This is great for hard crystals like quartz not softer or brittle crystals like selenite, kyanite, and halite. 1

Sun & Moonlight

One of the oldest and more traditional ways to cleanse your crystals is by the sun and moon. Sunbathing works best for warm sun-kissed crystals in the shades of yellow, red and orange (think ruby, sunstone, amber) sit them in the sun for a few hours not exceeding 4 hours to prevent any fading.

For the moon crystals in cooler tones (like rose quartz, moonstone, and peridot). Cleansing on a Full moon or a cloudless day works best. You want to follow this practice for about 2 to 3 days and repeat it once a month during a full moon.

Cleansing With Quartz & Selenite

As we all know quartz and selenite is an amazing crystals that can be used for cleansing crystals to help clear and purify any other crystals. To cleanse your crystals with quartz and/or seletine you can place the crystals on a clear quartz charging plate or seletine plate. Even placing your crystals in a bag with quartz will help clear the energy if you leave them overnight or for at least 6 hours. 2


Using this ancient technique commonly used to cleanse items, rooms, and various other things from negative energy. You can use this method for your crystals as well to clear any negative energy. Using sandalwood, cedar, palo santo, or frankincense to create smoke. Allow the smoke to wash over crystals and remove the low and negative frequencies away from the crystals.

Cleanse With Soil

By returning the crystal to the earth you can not only cleanse the crystal but will charge it as well! This is a great method for when you need to deep clean your crystals, returning them back to the earth will put the energy back into its natural state and give them great power. In order to do this find a sacred place or precious soil. Bury the soil a few inches deep and leave the crystals there overnight for up to 3 days for best results.

Cleansing With Sound

This is a great tactic for when you have a lot of crystals or would like a very effective way to cleanse and charge them all at once. We believe that the gentle vibrations created by a tuning fork or singing bowl can clear negative energy quickly and effectively. The vibrations will break up and unstuck any negative energy in the crystals and the musical frequency of the process restores the harmony of the crystal.

The most popular method is the Tibetan Singing bowl. While you can play a recording of the singing bowl the best way is to play the note in person. I recently covered the history and the uses of the Tibetan Singing bowl you can read this here. To cleanse your crystals with the bowl follow these steps.

Place the crystals on a cloth surrounding the singing bowl. Start playing the singing bowl by first striking the bowl gently with the mallet. Then move the mallet to create the ringing sound then move mallet clockwise around to make the music sing. Continue for 5-10 minutes. 3

Avoid placing the crystals in the bowl as it can damage the crystals.

I hope this article helps you care for your crystals and get the most use out of your crystals. I will talk to you soon and don’t forget to follow me on the socials.

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