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5 Of The Best Low Light Plants

low light plants

When I first moved out into my own apartment I wanted to fill it up with plants. Only one problem, I barely had any sunlight. I love the positive energy that plants bring into your home and life. That’s when I discovered the glory of low light plants. If you ever find yourself in that situation, let me help you out.

What are low-light plants?

When people hear low light plants they often confused the term with no light. Just for clarification, no plant can survive in no light. Plants use sunlight to produce energy to grow. Some plants have adapted through evolution to low lights. However, while the plant can survive for a while eventually would die 1.

How to care for low lights plants

While the care for each plant will differ between each plant. The benefit of having low light plants is the low maintenance. They don’t use as many nutrients or water, as more traditional plants, you can allow them to dry out and neglect them mildly. Mildly being the keyword here! Watering and feeding the plant once a month during the growing season is perfectly fine.2

5 of the best low light plants


One of my favorite plants I love a good vine. It’s also a good starter plant because you can leave it alone and toss a bit of water in the plant every now and again and it still thrives.

Peace lily

My second favorite plant although mine are recovering from a brutal summer. I love them because they’re a bit dramatic when they need water and perk up in about 20 minutes or so. Make sure you’re not leaving them wilted for too long the leaves will start dying.

Snake plant

One of the most famous low light plants these plants are some of the hardest to kill but not impossible. Over-watering is an easy killer for snake plants check the leaves for any drooping or soft leaves, that’s a sure sign you’ve overwatered. The best practice is to water every 2-8 weeks. It lasts a long time without water and is perfect for a dark apartment with a forgetful owner.

Zz plants

Ideally, you’ll want to water your ZZ plant every 2-3 weeks allowing the soil to fully dry out between waterings. I have two and have been able to leave mine for just about a month before watering. If you think you’ve waited too long check the stem to see if they have any wrinkling and that’s a sign of the plant drying out too much.

Maidenhair Ferns

A fun frilly leaves that do great in most low-light conditions. They prefer steamy conditions so they’re perfect for a dim bathroom that has partial sunlight. Since their lace-like leaves burn easily so you want to keep them shaded and moist.

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