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5 Of The Best Aromatherapy Essential Oils Uses To Create The Perfect Vibe

Aromatherapy essential oils uses

Fragrances have the power to change your mood and evoke emotions due to their influence on the brain. Certain scents can make you feel relaxed and reduce feelings of stress and more. That’s why the aromatherapy essential oils genre has been exploding recently. There are some fantastic aromatherapy essential oils uses improving hair growth and ease nausea that very few people know. I wanted to show you some great aromatherapy essential oils uses that work in everyday life and which ones would best suit you.

What is Aromatherapy?

Simply put, aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants, trees, and flowers as a complementary health approach. It’s often used by inhaling them or applying a diluted form to the skin. Aromatherapy essential oils use can help with various issues over time and improves the overall quality of life.

What Does Aromatherapy Help With?

There are a lot of things that aromatherapy can, and does help.

How does Aromatherapy Work?

While the jury is still out on whether their essential oils help with serious illness although there are some benefits as stated above. For example, according to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, there’s evidence that lemon oil balm can reduce agitation.

Also, inhaling the aromas can stimulate areas of your limbic system this is the part of the brain that plays the role in emotions, behaviors, sense of smell, and long-term memory. The limbic system plays a role in controlling several unconscious physical functions like breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. That’s why many people use various essential oils to help with these kinds of systems as well as the recommended medicines.

How To Use Essential Oils

Placing essential oils in a diffuser is a great way to help with congestion and respiratory health, and even improve your skin condition. I know they’re a lifesaver for me in the spring with my allergies and added benefits it’s great for your plants too.

You can place them in your bath too if you like or even in a diluted form directly onto the skin. I usually put a few drops of lavender in my bath water before a soak for the ambiance and additional relaxation.

I also use them in a body mist or air freshener spray. I even create my own and it’s super easy and it travels well. You can learn to make it here.

One of the ways I don’t recommend is ingesting them. According to poison control ingesting essential oils can be poisonous. Be wary of products that contain essential oils and are ingestible.

The best way to use essential oil is by inhalation, some can be applied to the skin but make sure to dilute the essential oil and conduct a patch test before applying directly to the skin.

Which Essential Oils To Use?

Now that we have an idea of what aromatherapy essential oil’s uses are and some of the benefits, let’s talk about what essential oils work best in what room and why you should put them there!


Eucalyptus- helps with congestion and relaxation

Peppermint- Helps with digestion and sinuses

Tea Tree – Smells fresh and clean and also has antibacterial properties

Living Room

Lemongrass – Relieves stress and anxiety

Vanilla – helps with anxiety and irritability

Bergamont – Calming, deodorizing, and boosting mood.


Lavender – promotes relaxation and calms anxiety

Jasmine – Enhances libido and brings out positive emotions

Ylang Ylang – Boosts mood and lower heart rate

Entry Way

Frankincense – helps reduce stress and improves memory

Pine – uplifting and refreshing

Cedarwood – clear mind and relax the body

Most of these fragrances can be mixed and matched but these are the best ones that I like to use in the different spaces around the house. Aromatherapy essential oils uses are universal and can really help not only set the tone but create an environment of ease and excitement.

As I continue to write this for this site I learn more and more about the natural world and all her beauty and what she has to offer us. Using essential oils for their aromatic properties can help you mentally and physically.

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