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Delicious Plant Based Recipe: Low-Calorie Fajita Wraps

plant based recipe

A low-calorie Plant based recipe has been hard to find for me lately. I have been really honing in on eating low carb and living and eating a healthier lifestyle. I have been maintaining it well for the past week and I love it although it did take a while for me to get better at it and now I’m getting into the swing of it and enjoying my time in the kitchen. I recently created this plant based wrap that is only 100 calories altogether! It is very filling and makes for a great snack or as an addition to a meal. Today I want to share this plant based recipe with you to help inspire you into a healthier lifestyle.

Since I’m still getting into cooking what I strive for is something quick, easy, and good. That’s not always easy when you’re looking for plant based recipes. I always check the total calories and compare them to the serving size. You’d be surprised with how little a serving size actually is, I know I was. To keep it low carb I looking for the biggest serving size while having the lowest calorie. The hardest part of lowering the calories in the wrap is in the wrap itself. Most of them are 100+ calories. Welcome in Crepini egg wraps. These 6-inch egg wraps are only 8 calories per wrap! That’s unheard of I didn’t cook with these I just used them as a wrap but they are easy to cook with.

Low Carb Tortillas

If you don’t eat eggs you can use corn tortillas as they’re lower in calories and has a lot of whole grains. If you’re looking to keep the calories low with tortillas usually the smaller ones are a good place to start since they’re not as big that don’t use a lot of ingredients to make. Also, look for ingredients if it’s made out of grain or vegetables then it’ll be lower. Lastly, check the serving size sometimes they consider half a tortilla is a serving size(who only eats half?!) so make sure the serving size is the whole tortilla.

Plant based recipe

I then used red and green bell peppers with tomatoes. Because the wraps are so small I don’t want to overfill the wraps. I grilled them all together mixing in with the fajita seasoning mix ( chili powder, cumin, monk sugar, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper) and mixed together in the pan. I left this on the stove for about 7 minutes. I then put a teaspoon of hummus on the wrap and added a fair amount of the pepper mix on the wrap. I added some pita chips on the side for a little extra crunch but the calories are so low in the snack that you can pretty much eat whatever you want. You can pair this wrap with a nice low-maintenance salad, rice, and beans, or even just fries anything.

The full recipe is below for those who are looking to try this wrap if you’re looking for more plant based recipes click here.

Plant Based Recipe For Fajita Wraps

  • 1 Green Bell Pepper
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper
  • 8 Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 Egg Wrap
  • Seasonings (chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper)
  • 1 Pack of monk sugar


Slice both red, green, and cherry tomatoes length-wise and add all to the pan. Season to taste and then add a pack of sugar. Leave peppers to slightly soften while we prepare the wrap.

Place the wrap on a plate and add a generous amount of hummus and lightly spread it on the wrap avoiding the edges. Add peppers and tomatoes. All done!

Let me know what you thought about this recipe if you try it

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