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7 Easy Ways To Start Living A Minimalistic Lifestyle

Although I appear like a maximalist I prefer to live my life much more simplistic. I keep only what is necessary and what is needed. In today’s world, more is often considered better but can lead to depression, anxiety, and harm to the already struggling environment. I wanted to show you how I am living a minimalistic lifestyle. What is it, how to do it, and tips on maintaining the lifestyle if you choose to do so!

What Is The Minimalistic Lifestyle?

According to Medicine Net the minimalistic lifestyle is living with fewer resources whether in terms of housing or possessions. It’s the idea of living happily with less and simplifying your life. This lifestyle can work for most people and does not have to be drastic or extreme. I don’t follow any strict rules in life and wouldn’t promote a lifestyle that would, this is just another path to live a more simple life.

Benefits Of Living Minimalistically

There are so many benefits that happen to me after I adopted this lifestyle and there’s even more that could benefit you if you choose it.

Living A Minimalistic Lifestyle?

If you’re still reading then you must be interested in living or trying out this lifestyle. So, how does one begin living minimalistically? I’ll show you what my process was to live simply and how I maintain it.

First I asked what I wanted to simplify. Was it my wardrobe, my career, or just overhauling my entire life? It sounds a lot, and it is a bit however it pays off in the end. I started off with the easiest which was my wardrobe. I created as many outfits as I could with my current selection to see what I would wear and if they fit with my current wardrobe. If yes we keep if not then we donate, upcycle, or toss.


Now I go on the rest of my house. Start room by room and see if it’s clutter or not. For example, in my living room, I had a VCR and DVD player combo that I never used so I toss. I saw it every day and never realized it. I really needed to go through my house and get rid of something. Keep in mind that you’re trying to simplify and if you needed it you would have used it by now. I did have some regret about tossing so much but I had to rationalize it this way. Regardless if I used it or not it will be trash me buying it and not using has already contributed to the issue. Next time I will be better and now I won’t waste as many resources. I then try to find a place that will use it and thank it for the service it had provided and move on.

Minimalistic Tips

Now for the tips!! These are for those who have gone through the process and have sufficiently minimalized their life and possessions and want to maintain it.

I hope you find this article helpful, This is a living article so the more that I learn about the lifestyle the more I’ll update. Do you think you could live a minimalistic lifestyle? If you already do then what are your tips?

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