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Kvass The Perfect Solution For Your Fruit Scraps

I recently discovered a way to use my fruit scraps instead of tossing them in the compost. By making Kvass! Kvass is a Slavic beverage made from Rye bread that is soaked in water and yeast. You can add other things to it like honey, fruit, or mint. The mixture then ferments for a few days and creates the natural carbonation and sour flavor.

Kvass also has some amazing health benefits since it contains magnesium, vitamin B12, iron, and fiber. If you add fruits and veggies then you also get those added benefits as well. Since this is a fermented beverage there are plenty of beneficial bacteria that help the GI tract that can help with bloating and lower the risk of colorectal cancer.

Now on to the fun part, making it! You can use either fruit scraps or whole fruits, either are great for this drink. Take about a cup of fruit and combine them in a clean jar with a bit of water and sugar. Make sure you stir daily. Once it starts to bubble take a taste and see if you like it, if you do then it’s ready to serve. If you would like it less sweet then let it ferment a bit longer.

Make Kvass

Carbonation usually happens on the 3rd or 4th day. You’ll want to make sure you release the built-up gas, or burp, the can after a day. By doing this you release the dangerous gas from the can to prevent it from exploding. If you’re worried about it breaking or damaging any of the surrounding areas you can keep it in a box, or if you’re about to open it then you can chill it in the fridge for a bit to have it chill out for a bit.

The best thing about this drink is that you can keep remaking the drink over and over again with the same batch and it’ll happen even faster every time!

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