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How To Practice Meditation For Anxiety

Anxiety affects over 40 million people in the US and with the way things are going the number is steadily on the rise. While there are currently no cures for anxiety there are ways we can cope, one of the ways is by using meditation. By utilizing meditation for anxiety you can focus on your mind and attention to eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that might be crowding your mind.

Meditation is the practice of slowing your thoughts stepping out of the highway of your mind and letting your thoughts calmly pass. As someone who has anxiety and uses meditation to help when I have my episodes. I am proof that it helps. I’ll never say it’ll cure but it helps calm me down and makes me think more rationally. Today I’ll show you my meditation practice for anxiety.

My Journey With Anxiety

My anxiety streams from intrusive thoughts. If you’re unfamiliar with intrusive thoughts think about it as your mind plays your worst hits on a loop and amplifies it to the ninth degree. Through meditation, I learned how to control my thoughts and slow everything down.

First, I had to understand that these are just thoughts, thoughts aren’t real, and neither are memories. They are often influenced by emotions you feel or felt about the situation. Most importantly it’s not what’s happening right now. Even if your thoughts are about the future. We must focus on living in the moment. Remind yourself of where you are, and what you’re doing.

Meditation For Anxiety

Take a deep breath and visualize your negative thought and feelings filling up your lungs and stomach. Then when you exhale breathe out that same thought. Repeat until your mind is wholly focused on your breathing. You should soon feel relaxed after a while.

It’s ok if your session runs long it’s not about where you’re at but your journey and no journey is the same. If you’re mid-attack. Take a few deep breaths to get you past the moment and remind yourself it’s just a thought it’s not your reality, and you control your reality.

This is not a one-time fix, meditation is a practice, make sure you do this regularly. I strongly encourage you to visit our posts on Meditation For Beginners to get into regular practice. Meditation has worked for countless others and it’ll work for you.

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