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The Energy For The Upcoming Leo Season 2022


Leo season is upon us. Here are the vibes we can expect.

Weeks intention: To strengthen your backbone and stand up for your beliefs.

On Tuesday the 19th The wounded healer comet goes into retrograde into Aries until December 13th. Chiron, the key, opens up our alchemical gifts, but you’ll need to conquer your own issues in order to reach them. During this time Chiron will be bringing all the issues of anger management, leadership, and personal power to center stage. Now is the time to get involved in a social cause.

This retrograde is the perfect time to recover from any personal power outages that might be holding you back from stepping up.

Tuesday is another time to amp up your creative expression when Mercury slides into Leo. This cycle puts the spotlight on you! Use this time to let your creative side shine and experiment with different creative outlets and mediums that’ll leave people in awe. You never know who’s watching and what you can unlock.

Friday the 22nd through Aug 22 the sun sits in Leo

With this solar cycle, all things glamorous, romantic, and creative are vibrating high. Now is the time to set up your daydreams to move into reality. Do your due diligence and research the leaders in the industry and find a way to put your own spin on things. When you’re ready add your final gloss of paint and plan a big reveal or test it out with your fun savvy friends.

When it comes to love are you living it fully? If not it’s time to change that. You deserve to be treated like the Queen/King you are. Just remember to keep it realistic. People have lives (and bills) outside of you. Make sure you keep it fair and equal and most importantly follow through with everything. That’s called balance.

Source: MindBodyGreen

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