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Why I Decided To Remain Child free at 30

When I was 12 and learning about childbearing I decided I didn’t want to be a mom. Most people were shocked and brushed it off as me being too young and I’ll change my mind. That alone irritated me but attempting to keep an open mind I thought who knows. Now going through my life and seeing my friends become parents I still don’t want kids. Here are my top 3 reasons why I’m child free.

One it doesn’t look fun. Motherhood is a job, it isn’t something that you can just decide not to do one day or even take a vacation from. Even if you do your mind is on your kids. From sun up to sun down, you need to be available to your kids and it’s like that until you transition into your next life. I would rather live my life for myself and not take on extra work.

Two. The noise. I’m a very peaceful person and while kids are cute and even their playing and giggling sounds cute, it’s a part of summer. But it’s not just a fleeting moment. It’s constant and it’s not always giggling sometimes its straight up screaming. Also the mess of it all constantly cleaning them or the mess their joyful playing made. You have to teach them everything but to breathe and poop. To be simple I just don’t want to.

Three I love the freedom of getting up and going. Like a few months ago I decided to move to another city. I could just do that I didn’t have to worry about schools, funding the move outside of renting a U-Haul, and I didn’t have to explain to anyone why I wanted to move I just did. Same with vacations, spontaneous nights out, and anything else. I don’t love stability and I truly believe in flowing wherever life takes you. You can’t follow the goose with kids.

No shade to any mothers out there you all are amazing but It’s not a one size fits all kind of deal. I just composted my reasons on why I’m child free. I can rant about it but I won’t. And even in this case like many others ‘I don’t want to’ should be enough. My peace and happiness matter, this is why motherhood is a no for me. Other childfree people, you’re not alone.

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