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How To Move Without Losing Your Mind

Every few years or so I move. Whether it be a need for new scenery, a better place or simply more room I will move. That being said I know how to make a move as easy and painless as possible. Here’s how I do it easily, and as effectively as possible.

1. Take Inventory And Purge

There’s no point moving stuff that’s trash. Go through your house and toss anything you don’t need or plan on using anytime soon. You don’t need those Tupperware bottoms with no top or your old planters. No point in moving them, the less stuff you have the easier it’ll be to move.

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2. Gather Supplies

Start with local stores or maybe ask neighbors for any old boxes they have that you can have for your move. Grab packing tape and if you prefer to have packing paper you can use that. If it’s easier for you just to buy it of course there’s options for that as well.

Moving Box Kit

3. Hire Movers

As soon as you have your move date hire movers, they book fast. Make sure you confirm with them the date and time and reconfirm with them a few days before the actual move.

4. Actually Packing

Now that we toss what we don’t need and save what’s necessary let’s box up everything. Start off with what you use for the least. Like your books, guest room. I usually pack up my living room first since it mostly has decor items in them.

I used my clothes/blankets to pack as well. What I do it a place a few pieces of clothing or a blanket at the bottom of the box place my items on top. If the items are fragile (like glass) I’ll wrap them in a T-shirt the place them inside the box. If the blanket is very large I’ll place the items in the folds of the blanket. By doing this I not only save on money packing I’ll be unpacking my clothes while unpacking everything and I produce less waste.

Continue going room by room until the whole house is packed. Make sure you label the boxes. Put what room they’re going to and what’s in them so you know where to place them in your new place.

Tip: when setting up boxes place them all in one place instead of all over the place. Somewhere that’s convenient for the movers to get in and out to the truck from. also, place the least important items in the front and the most important in the back when you’re setting up the boxes. That way when they’re unloading the truck the most important items come off first.

And that’s it. Simple easy and effective!

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