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How To A Start Work Out Regime

I unceremoniously took a break from working out my body has gotten fluffy and weathered. As I stated previously I’m on my way to a better life and getting my mind and body on the same page. My mind says work out, my body has been loving the naps. However, I’m not enjoying charlie horses nor am I happy about being tired mid-day after a full night’s rest. I know that working out can improve your body, but it also fills you up with energy and helps your mind focus better. All things that sound good to me, but how does one start back on a workout regime when it’s been at least a year since I followed one consistently? I’ll show you how.

Set Your Fitness Goals

Figure out what you want to accomplish in your fitness journey. Do you want to lose weight, get toned, or just increase your overall fitness and agility? This will help you determine what kind of workout program you should do and how often you should go. Once you get your goal in mind it’s time to plan out how you want to achieve it.

Plan Out Your Work out Schedule

Now that we have the goals set it’s time to actually plan out the workout routine. It’s ambitious to work out every day but it’s not realistic for a lot of us. According to Healthline working out 4 to 5 is a safe goal, however, it’s something that we want to work up to not something that we go for straight out the gate. With my plan, I work out twice a week and then add one day every two weeks. Going slow at first instead of all in will ensure an actual habit is formed and can be maintained.

Decide on Your Work Out

This part is based on your fitness goals so it can vary. Keep in mind it’s ideal that we get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity. This is so we can maintain our current health and weight. If your goal is weight loss then partner with your doctor on what would work best for you. For my work out, I’m doing a mixture of cycling, elliptical, yoga, and some walking. Walking is included because I’m so close to everything that it wouldn’t make sense to drive everywhere. The key is to dedicate some time every day to working out and improving your body.

Get Started

Now that we have a plan in place it’s time to get started so tie up your tennis shoes. Start out slow, don’t go balls to the wall on the first day. Take it slow, even 10 minutes counts as something. It’s also helpful to take frequent breaks and switch up the routine. You don’t have to come in and do the elliptical for 30 minutes every day. You can do a spin class, run, dance, take an aerobic class, anything you make as fun as you want to or need to. Make sure you take your rest days and use your easy days to stretch and keep your body moving while you relax.

I hope you stick to your regime and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress on Instagram and Twitter follow me so we can motivate each other I linked the words to their respective site!

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