Whether you call it chicken skin, strawberry skin, or Keratosis Pilaris (the official name) it’s those little bumps on your legs or arms that drive some of us crazy. I have had these bumps on my skin since I was younger. At first, I was very insecure about the little black dots on my legs and arms but as you get older you stop caring. The only thing that I do hate is the bumps, to me, they make my arms feel rough and scaley no matter how much moisturizer I use. I have tried a ton of different ways to tame the bumps and I’m here to share them with you.

What Is Chicken Skin?

Ok quickly before I get into the nitty-gritty of it all the tips we need to know what it is. As previously stated the official name for Chicken Skin is Kertosis Pilarius, it is a very common skin condition that causes patches of rough bumps to appear on the skin. The pimples/ bumps are actually dead skin cells that are plugging the hair follicles, they tend to be either red or brown(Source). Currently, there’s no cure but there are ways we can help ease it.

How I Deal With Chicken Skin

I’ve had this condition for a very long time and just recently learned how to cope with it to keep my skin smoother. The main thing I do is focus on exfoliation since the dead skin is trapped you’ll need to release it and you do that by exfoliating. It can be either physical or chemical I recently discovered a lotion with glycolic acid in it by Drunk Elephant. It’s hydrating and helps exfoliate the little bumps away, you can get a similar product here. I also make sure to stay hydrated and moisturized by drinking plenty of water and using creamy lotions and oils. Occasionally I’ll manually exfoliate with a sugar scrub or something gentle if I have an event coming up or have some particularly stubborn bumps.

I hope this helps you on your clearer skin journey and I’ll see you in the next one

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