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The Laundry Alternative Wonder Wash Review

Hey, guys today I thought I’d share my review on the wonder wash. If you’re not familiar with the wonder wash it’s a manual hand washing machine. It’s really good if you (like me) prefer hand washing your smaller loads of laundry to avoid a pile-up. So enough chit chat let’s get into it.

I bought this after seeing it on a list of must-have Amazon buys because I’ve been obsessed with looking through the list and saw a washer that didn’t use any electricity. I didn’t even know this existed! I’ve been handwashing them like a fool! The washing machine is from a brand called the Laundry Alternative inc a company that was created because the owner was sick of going to the laundry mat and found the inventor of the actual machine in South Africa (source). On the main page, they say their product uses less energy than conventional washers ( in my case it’s true) compact lightweight affordable, and high performance. All true. I went through their catalog on their website and it rings true their products are below $400, even their bundles. I couldn’t find much information about their operation in South Africa except it was created years ago for low-income families.

How to use

Ok, I got it mine was around $70 on Amazon(you can buy it here). When first get it you have to assemble the frame, so simple it only took about 5 minutes if that.

As far as using it I did fit a few outfits in there. About two pants and 5 shirts in there and a few odds and ends (masks, underwear, socks). I turned the handle on the second for two minutes then attached the spout to drain out the access water. Add water again and spin for a “rinse” cycle then drain again for about 10 minutes to get rid of all water, some times I give it a gentle push on the clothes to help release any trapped water in there.

My review

Pros: My time spent doing my laundry is basically cut in half. I use less energy and I can put everything I need in there. It works well on small loads think 3 to 4 outfits depending on how thick the fabric is.

Cons: I don’t care for the handle it’s uncomfortable for me but it’s not the worse and the gel soap I use isn’t the best to use with this more traditional soaps would fully disintegrate and you only need a small amount. I also wish I could use more clothes but I also feel as if it would defeat the purpose.

Overall 9 out of 10 because laundry isn’t such a chore and it’s good for those who already hand wash and want to speed it up a bit. But you know what I think what about you? Would you give it a shot?


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