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3 Ways To Declutter For The New Year

I don’t know what it is about this new year but it’s making me want to clean up and get serious about everything, and I mean everything. While it’s great to declutter and organize a lot of the stuff ends up in landfills and that’s not good. Most items in landfills don’t decompose and it ends going other places like the ocean 🌊. When declutter inch remember there’s some stuff that you have that’s still good, can be fixed, or someone else might need it. Today I’ll show you some awesome ways to toss your unwanted items.

Donate. Donate. Donate.

We’re in a tough place in our world right now with the plague that shan’t be named and a lot of people are going without. Help your brothers and sisters out by donating to shelters and programs. Try to avoid goodwill as much as possible ( they have some shady business practices) but put your items in the little blue bins you see around your neighborhoods they go to smaller donation services and help people to. If you need a place for electronics Best Buy will take your wires and hair tools (hair dryer, flat iron, etc ) and of course the larger stuff too make sure you check out your local best buy for more details. And lastly feminine products this one took me the longest to find but I Support the Girls take bras and hygiene products you can donate through mail or by finding a location near you.

Sell it

This is the longer option but it’s beneficial to you and your wallet. I enjoy selling on vinted they don’t take out to much or bombard you with a ton of notifications. This is a good option for those cleaning out your closet and find some good goodies with a lot of life left in them and you still have the space. You can also use Facebook marketplace a lot of good home furnishings are on there to.

Find a new use or Repair and Reuse

repurposing an old item is one of the easiest ways to declutter like a pro. Turning a shirt in to a bag or and old glass into a vase even a old sock in to a dog sweater. There’s so many new and fun uses to Turn your old items in to or simply fixing them up a bit expand the life of your items and the life of the clothes.

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