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Things I No Longer Buy To Become Zero Waste

Since going green(ish) there are a few things that I have personally sworn off buying and wondered why I bought in the first place. Just through research alone, I can see how the products are damaging to the environment and don’t follow my new zero waste values. Today I’ll tell you a few things that I’ve sworn off of to help mother earth ✌🏾.

Paper towels

I never really cared for paper towels even before I woke up. Some stuff I get like toilet paper because I don’t want to reuse the same toilet paper. But paper towels wiping my hands and little spills I don’t mind washing out. When I first switched to more eco-friendly that was the first thing to go. Not only is it wasteful they’re expensive and pointless when I have actual towels.


Soap wrapped in plastic

This one was harder for me because I love trying new soaps and scents, but I love the planet more. So I try now to only buy soaps when I’m actually out and I make sure they have minimal packaging, cardboard packaging, or no packaging at all. That way


I’ve always found tampons and pads wasteful. It’s a product that you only use once then you’re done forever. There’s no way to reuse them and they are biodegradable either. I ditched them all together and got a cup best decision of my life! It saves me money and time.

Water Bottles

Another thing that made no sense. Water filters are a thing and so are glass cups and bottles. Why would you continuously buy water bottles over and over again, and run out of water? When you can just buy a filter and a glass cup then boom you’re done that’s it.

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