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10 Ways To Go Zero Waste Without Buying Anything

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As I’m learning more about using less and my overall impact in the world I’m realizing that the best best way to go and be zero waste is to not buy new things to help you go zero waste. I see all the photos on Pintrest and see them being so organized and photo friendly and thought I needed to be like that or I needed those things, I don’t and neither do you. The best zero waste product is the one you didn’t buy! Today I will go through what I have used to help me on this part of my journey.

1. Reuse Every Jar that comes in

I save ever single jar that has comes in my house. Why? To reuse of course. If I make sauce or buy something in bulk or most things I store in one of those jars. I love it because I can see exactly how much of what I need is left and if I need to restock.

2. Using Resusable Bags

I love my bags they’re large enough to hold everything and more. Although I don’t carry much around anyway if I have to stop by the store on my way home I can stuff everything I need in my bag I’ve even used it as an overnight bag! I have a whole collection not only because I design them but I also keep the free ones I get. If you want some cute and sturdy reusable tote bags check out my shop!

3. Compost your food scraps

I’m falling back in love with composting I recently gotten a bigger bin since I’ve been cooking more in order to eat more veggies I produce a lot more food scraps. By composting I’m not only returning the food back to the earth but also nurturing my plants to make them big and strong.

4. Recycling

Ok there’s some bottles I can’t use in time and they end up as clutter, and some boxes that I don’t used. As I said before it’s better not to buy but hey it’s going to happen. Try to look for more recyclable (or compostable) products and maker sure it’s clean too so it doesn’t get tossed!

5. Go for bars instead of bottles

Try a more minimalist approach to products. They have so many bar soaps, and shampoos that’s great because there’s no waste AND you can use the scraps to keep remaking the bars so you can keep just remaking them over and over again.

6. Eliminate Disposable Paper

The first thing I did when I decided to become eco friendly i got rid of paper towels. I never understood them anyway (a towel does the same thing) and I save a pretty penny to.

7. Buy bulk when you can

If you’re single like me and usually end up cooking for one look for non- perishable items or items that have a long shelf life like pasta and beans so you don’t have to rush and eat the items before they go bad. Also get stuff that you know you’ll eat a lot of or use everyday. Don’t buy bulk if you know you might not eat it all before it goes bad. Not only is it wasteful someone else could have used it.

8. Diy more often

Diy is so much fun and gives you a chance to let your creativity fly. Make your own drier sheets, cleaners, deodorant, really anything can be DIY’d again make sure to only get what you need and what you intend to use.

9. Mindful shopping / Slow fashion

I used to be a huge shopper it was a vice. Now that I’m in a different mindset I think before I buy I make sure it’s a need not a want. If it’s food I only buy what I plan on cooking that night (I meal prep because I don’t like cooking throughout the week) if it’s clothes I try to only shop when I’m replacing something or need it for an event. I then look to see if I can thrift it if it’s just a rip I repair it.

10. Eat out less

Bring your lunch and spend the time cooking dinner. You’ll produce less waste since there won’t be empty containers or plastic bags and your wallet will thank you to.

I enjoy my new lifestyle. I take out the trash a lot less, save money, and doing my part to make a change even if I’m just one little person. Remember be the change you want to see I hope these steps help you out and I’ll see you next time.

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