Adulting: yes, you’re doing it right

I was reading a Twitter thread the other day explaining why millennials (me and my age group) don’t “feel” like adults. It said we don’t feel like adults because we haven’t hit or achieved certain milestones like having kids, having a successful job we like, getting married etc. she even went so far to say adults don’t play with toys and how time is going by so fast now. I had to stop and wonder who said we had to do these things in order to be an adult? When I was growing up I wasn’t told there were merits to being an adult all I had to do was pay my own bills then I was “grown”. It was never a check list 3 miles long. I think especially in my generation we have an idea of how things are/were supposed to be because of how we viewed adults growing up. We had the idea that they had all stuff together and little did we know they’re just winging it like the rest of us. It’s ok if you don’t know what you’re doing, nobody does. The goal in life shouldn’t be to have the ideal adult life but to be happy. So go buy your toys,your still an adult, go on a date with no expectations but to have a fun night it’s ok to still be single and yes time is ticking on by but that just means we need to enjoy what we can now don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s your life do it on your terms.

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