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Manifesting Magic: A Guide to Creating Your Ideal Life

The first time I tried manifesting I was very young and believed I could become anything as long as I willed it. I wanted to become a more confident, bold, and ambitious person. After a few times of visualizing that person I knew I could be. Since then I have manifested myself to become multiple beings but I think this is my final form I’m happiest here. Since I have done this a few times I thought I would show you how to manifest a new or your ideal you, it’s quite easy.

First, have a clear idea of what you want. You don’t want to leave anything open to interpretation when you communicate with the universe. When I do my manifestations, I write down what I want. Meaning if you’re trying to manifest a million dollars or your ideal person, write down how you’re going to get that million write what your ideal person would be and how they act down to the last detail, even give them a name.

Secondly, when you got everything down and know your goal inside and out it’s time to gather your material. If your goal was to be a millionaire how were you going to get it? Grab a physical object for that, maybe some money, and something to symbolize your motivation to get it. If your’s was your ideal self, what’s something they like, what do they wear, and your list of their personality traits. Now that you have it all, lay it out in front of you and begin meditation, if you’re not sure how to meditate read my article on it here, if you do then continue on. Visualize yourself as this person, whether it be a millionaire or your ideal self. Being chanting (doesn’t matter if it’s out loud or internally) “I am a millionaire” while visualizing how you’re becoming the millionaire and you doing millionaire stuff. If it’s your ideal self then begin chanting their name saying ” I am (name here), and visualize you being them.

Once you feel satisfied and feel yourself awaken you can end stop the meditation. I recommend doing this daily for at least every few days until you feel as if you’re one with the spirit. At this point, you should be acting like your ideal self or a millionaire. Begin carrying yourself as you think you should. Dress how your ideal self would (within reason millionaires) and carry yourself as such, you’ll begin to see the change. Remember manifesting takes time it may take a month or a few months be patient good things take time.

The best advice I can give when you’re manifesting and start seeing the change happening is to be open to the universe. This is the change you wanted and asked for and it won’t be easy for some, but if it’s something you want it will be worth it. I hope this was helpful don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and everything! Peace and Love

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