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Simple Ways To Save The Environment And Some Money

Before I became more environmentally friendly, I thought it was something big haunting task. I’m sure that’s capitalism telling us that going green is expensive and not worth the hassle but, it really isn’t. Since being kind to the environment mostly means reusing items, you can actually save money. Today I will be going into how environmentalism can help you save money.

Get Familiar With Your Thermostat

I’m bad at this but, I’m getting better. I know it seems like common sense but I didn’t know this, but I love my house on the warmer side. But after taking a deeper dive, if you turn your thermostat down by 10 to 15 degrees it saves you money on your energy bill by reducing your energy intake.

Do Less Laundry

On average laundry uses about 12.5 gallons of water per load! To reduce the amount of water usage and electricity do less laundry. Get in the habit of wearing an item multiple times or handwashing small loads in cold water to reduce your use.

Thrift it

There are so many great finds in thrift shops and they cost way less. By thrifting your also helping the environment by not using any resources for the production of said item.

Use public transport or bike

If you can, try to use your car as little as possible. Walking, riding public transport (if available in your area), and biking are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing air pollution.


Believe it or not, most items don’t break down in landfills. Due to the environment, they set there are no microorganisms to break down the items. By composting you help reduce the waste (food and otherwise) that is sent to the landfill. Composting is something anyone can do if you have an outdoor area and it’s so helpful! If you’re not sure how to get started read these two articles here and here.

Opt for a meatless Monday

Yes, of course, meat is bad for you, and the waste that the slaughterhouse and some farms produce pollutes the environment around them. I mean all that p**p has to go somewhere and it’s usually in the water and the fumes that the rotting bodies produce goes in the air and the ground. Buy going meatless, even if it’s just a day, you’re reducing the demand for the product and in turn reducing the waste.

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