grounding yourself

Learning how to ground yourself can help you stay calm when the world gets a little too much. Say for instance you have anxiety or are just in a very uncomfortable situation. Knowing how to ground yourself keeps you level-headed and in control of yourself and not controlled by your emotions.

Simply adding grounding practices to yourself help help keep yourself grounded throughout your day and life so that way you can stay connected and present in an every changing world.

What Does Grounding Yourself Mean?

Grounding yourself is a self soothing skill to uses when you are having a bad day or dealing with a stressful day, overwhelming feelings, or an intense anxiety.1 Learning how to self sooth and doing it regularly you combat intense feelings before they happen and thus become a more present and minddul person.

How To Ground Yourself

Unblock your Root Chakra

Your root chakra is your connection to the physical realm. It literally “roots” you to the earth! Doing things that connect you to the earth like gardening or walking in nature can help unblock your chakra and make you feel more grounded. If you’re interested in opening your root chakra more you can read about it here.

Remind yourself where you’re at

When you feel like you’re spiraling or overwhelmed remind yourself what you’re doing when your mind starts to wonder. Even if it’s something simple like you’re just watching TV or laying down, it’s something that brings you back in to the present moment and can calm you and bring you back in to reality.

Counting Backwards from 10 (or what ever number you choose)

Counting in most cases forces your brain to focus, slow down and bring you back in to where you’re at currently.

Speak your name and tell yourself who you are

When you’re going down a path or worry or dread it will remind yourself who you are and stop your mind from wondering in to the dark space or anger. Have a list ready say your name, your age, what your favorite color is, and what activities you did today from waking up, making your bed, brushing your teeth and so on.

Focus On Something Tangleable

Something as simple as drinking some cold water, a warm cup of tea, maybe touch the clothes you’re wearing or twisting your hair can help bring you back in to reality after a off moment.

Focus on what you can smell and see

Bringing your mind to your senses can help you realize what’s in front of you. If yo’re not sure here are somethings you can ask yourself: What are you smelling right now? What do you see? How many leaves are on the trees? What do you see in front of you and what do you hear?

Anything like that you can bring you back.

Step Outside

This is one of my favorites, step outside and feel the sun on your skin. Listen to the birds and the cars pass by, watch the squirrels run around and so on. Seeing the world for what it is can clear your mind and help reconnect her to you.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

Doing yoga connects your mind to your body and is traditionally preformed as a meditative practice and to connect your consciousnesses to the mind body and soul. By practicing yoga and meditation regularly, no matter if it’s separate or together it can improve your connection with your universe and yourself.

There are so many different and new ways to connect and ground yourself to the world find a method that works for you. I hope you find this helpful and I will see you later.

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