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Simple Ways To Ground Yourself

What does it mean to ground yourself? Grounding is the act of connecting your body, to your mind and soul. For me, grounding helps me calm down especially when my anxiety gets the better of me or I just get stressed out and I need to calm down. When I take a second and ground myself I almost instantly feel better and can become more productive because I can focus on the task at hand. Today I’ll tell you about some helpful ways to ground yourself when you get overwhelmed.

Walking/Exercise – One thing that I found out that helps me when I’m triggered is taking my dog out for a walk. It keeps my mind off the invasive thoughts and I’m always more at peace when I come back. 

Repotting Plants/ Touching Dirt – I love the feeling of dirt in my hands it’s so weird I know but it instantly calms me down.

Listening To Soothing Music – Something about old school music and laying out side is literally goals for me. Playing positive music can release serotonin making you, happier, and calmer.

Taking A Shower/Bath – One thing I love about baths is soaking in a tub in essential oils ( my favorite is lavender and eucalyptus ) you can add petals and herbs with a bubble bath if you want and it truly helps you relax.

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