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How To Detox Naturally

It happens, we go to a party or, it’s the holiday day season, maybe it’s PMS and we just go on a binder. We drink and eat as much as our hearts and stomachs want with little to no regard for the aftermath. When I go to junk food happy I feel tired, bloated, and feel gross, and I just want to get all that stuff out of me. Today I’ll show you how to naturally detox your body without the mess.

Load up on water. Water naturally cleanses the system and flushes out impurities. It keeps your kidneys and liver in tiptop shape by helping flush out waste products and lessens the burden on them by moving waste products out. 

Eat veggies. It’s better if you don’t blend them into a smoothie because sometimes it makes you bloated and you end up making you feel worst. Load up on multiple veggies like broccoli, asparagus, and yes kale to get things going.

Limit Alcohol. When we’re trying to help the liver detox you want to limit the harmful toxins you put in your system. excess drinking can cause fat build-up, inflammation, and scarring. When that happens it can not properly eliminate toxins from your body. When detoxing (and in general) try to limit your alcohol intake as much as possible to avoid these issues.

Avoid Salt, Sugar, and Processed Foods. We all know that too much= processed foods, salt, and sugar are bad for you. I mean, that’s what we’re detoxing from right? It’s fine every once in a while but don’t go overboard.

I hope you guys find this helpful if you’re looking to feel more energized and focused throughout the day. Remember to follow us on facebook and through the blog to keep up to date on everything a little hippie-ish we have some great things in the works!

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