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Youth To The People Skincare Review

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I’ve been needing a new skincare regime. Since I’ve been going more green and cruelty-free with my life (#SaveRalph) I decided to look more into green companies and found Youth To The People a California-based vegan skincare brand that focuses on all-natural cruelty-free ingredients. Since I wanted an overhaul of my beauty routine I took advantage of their consultation feature. You fill out a small questionnaire about your concerns and you also get a 15-minute video session with one of their skincare experts to find out more about their products and how to use them properly and if they would be a good choice for you. Today I will talk about the brand itself and the products recommended to me and how they worked out for me personally.

Youth To The People The Brand

Youth To The People was founded in 2015 by Greg Gonzalez and co-founder Joe Cloyes. Inspired by their grandmother Eva who was in the skincare business herself and a major force in the young boys’ lives the two cousins set out to create their own pro-grade vegan custom blends to push the boundaries of efficacy and environmental consciousness for the benefit of our skin’s health.

This information can be found on both their About page as well as their Pillars. If you’re not sure what Pro-Grade Vegan. This means that you’ll get professional results, at home, with no harm or products from animals. There also leaping bunny approved which means they don’t use any animal-derived products and they do not test on animals, they are also not owned or partnered with (when it comes to manufacturing) by any company that tests or uses animal-derived products.

Their main Pillars are Ingredients are our Muse, One World To Protect, Good To People, Animals are not Ingredients, Three generations of Family Formulas.

This, so far, checks all my boxes. It’s vegan, and eco-friendly and gives professional results. Sign me up! So far they seem great and I couldn’t find one bad thing about them. Even the girls that work at Sephora said great things about the brand, plus that extra step to find me a routine that would address my needs personally with an actual person not just a general quiz. I’ll give them a try.



I instantly kicked myself for buying the products at Sephora because I could have gotten a discount if I bought them through YTTP. However, the prices are average for specialty skincare brands. My price for 5 items wasn’t bad they were about $200. As far as packing, the actual product is glass and the packing is cardboard which is compostable. Now on to the products, I expressed an interest in reducing my dark spots, refining pores, and anti-aging. They suggested the following products.

After collecting the necessary products I got to work. Anyway, I used my Mad Hippie oil cleanser to remove my makeup from the day and began the routine. The Super Food Cleanser was nice and refreshing and had a nice lather. It wasn’t too harsh or overly foamy like another cleanser I have.

Then I follow up with their Kombucha toner, which has both lactic acid and glycolic so it’s very powerful and helps with texture. I waited a few minutes (2) to allow the product to work then follow up with the Vitamin C serum and the super berry oil, and air-whipped moisturizer. The products don’t have a lot of fragrance to them although there is a clean smell to them. I’ve been doing the routine for about a week now and I must say it works amazing. My pores look a lot smaller and my dark spots are fading faster than when I used hydroquinone. My skin feels hydrated and glowy in the morning instead of looking tired. I thoroughly enjoy the products and when I’m done the product is refillable.

Overall it’s a 10 out of 10 I would use the products again and would recommend them to anyone. The brand doesn’t appear to have any negative backlash and the products are legit. Good job Youth To The People.

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