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Things I Won’t Do In The Name Of Zero Waste

I follow a lot of zero waste accounts on Instagram and I have to say, some of them are just crazy! I love mother earth I really truly do and I’ll do anything for love but I wont do some stuff. Today I thought I’d show you some stuff that is a bit passed ecofriendly and a lot of kind of gross.

Reusing Pasta Water.

I’ve seen this on a zero waste instagram and I cringed. They say the starch in the pasta water acts as a detergent but I don’t think it works like that. Also what am I rinsing my pasta detergent with? Water? I feel like that defeats the purpose of reusing the pasta water to save water. Your dishwasher uses less water than hand washing anyway and it saves more time.

Cloth Toilet Tissue

I personally think this is lux af. To use cloth to wipe would be so comfortable and if it was just #1 and was cheaper, I would be a little more open minded but with #2 so close behind I just don’t want to wash that out. To me, it just wouldn’t be clean I’d be using much more water to clean it out to where I’d think it would be ‘clean’ enough. I’d much rather use ethically source bamboo toilet paper or get a bidet.

Buy A Ton Of Reusable Products

Ok hear me out before you take me to the gallows. You don’t need a house full of reusable items, you can just reuse what you have. From pasta jars to plastic ice-cream jars almost everything has a second life as storage for something! If you’re not sure there’s plenty of ideas on Pinterest.

Is there anything from the zero waste or ecofriendly lifestyle that you just see and go ‘no’ ?

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