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Preparing For Mercury Retrograde

This weekend Mercury is going into Retrograde and is prepared to throw a bit of chaos in our world. Miscommunication will be rampant so make sure that you take your time to understand the information you’re receiving. With Loki, the Norse God of Mischief is in Gemini his home things are bound to get interesting.

This retrograde will be going on from May 29th till June 21. During this time you want to make you gather all the information you can about the situation before making an assumption or reacting just remember to remain objective. This is especially true for signs around the retrograde degrees 26 to 16 so Gemini, Pisces, Sag, and Virgo this might be tough on for you.

This would be a perfect time for all of us to reflect and review our lives and slow down and smell the roses. If you work in the communication field make sure you proofread over everything and make sure Loki isn’t playing any of his tricks on you. Remember to remain rational, and ask many questions to get all the facts.

Now, remember this retrograde as with all of them it will affect people differently. Some people will feel the effects very strongly some might not feel it at all, everything is on a spectrum. All in all, with this retrograde it’s the ideal time to review past relationships, let go of resentment and of course, don’t make any major decisions wait till retrograde is over when everything has calmed down.

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